VMWorld 2021 announced projects Summary

VMworld 2021 is here, and as you would expect many big announcements are in the making. As it’s easy to get lost between Arctic, Ensemble, Capitola, Cascade, Monterey, Radium projects announcements, so here is small summary about each one. It can help as well in case you missed one of them or looking for more details:-

VMware Project Arctic and Project Cascade announced at VMworld

Project Arctic:-

Project Arctic will bring multi-cloud to the fingertips of vSphere customers, by natively integrating cloud connectivity into vSphere – making vSphere cloud-aware, and making hybrid cloud the “default” operating model.  Millions of IT Admins who use vCenter on-premises will be able to leverage their domain expertise and benefit from expanded cloud capabilities. Customers would be able to instantly access VMware Cloud capacity and deploy VMware Cross-Cloud Services – for example, they would be able to enable disaster recovery to the cloud with just a few clicks, or leverage security services for threat detection and ransomware protection.


Project Cascade:-

Project Cascade will provide a unified Kubernetes interface for both on-demand infrastructure (IaaS) and containers (CaaS) across VMware Cloud – available through an open command line interface (CLI), APIs, or a GUI dashboard.  Project Cascade will address the needs of developers and DevOps in a multi-cloud world.… Read More

vCloud Director 9.0 is Ready for Download

vCloud Director 9.0 has been announced at VMworld with some exciting enhancements. I am positive most of our VCPP (VMware Cloud Partner Program) partners will be looking forward to many of these features. Just in case you have missed it, VCPP (VMware Cloud Partner Program) is the new name for the VCAN(vCloud Air Network) Program. In this post, I will be covering few of the spotlight features of vCD 9.0.

Before I start, I want to highlight that’s while many vCD releases in the past few years were more progressive, this one is more on revolutionary side. I would highly recommend service providers to start evaluating vCD 9.0, as soon it released out not to be left being none competitive with those who upgrade. The difference this time is not hidden in the API, but include major changes in the UI interface as well. Read below for more details, and download the bits at vCloud Director 9.0 Download Link to start testing it out in your labs.

  • Modernized HTML5 interface. vCloud Director 9.0 comes with a new much slicker and smoother graphical interface for the tenant portal based on HTML5 which is an evolution from the previous Flex graphical interface. While this one might not be in parity with the Flex version in version 9.0,
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Vote for the VMware CTO Ambassadors VMworld 2017 Submissions

As the VMware CTO Ambassadors program is made off just over 140 of the top VMware field talents, sessions submitted by this group are usually top notch and of great interest to our customers/partners. I wanted to collect all of these sessions in one spot to allows others in the community to recognize them and make sure my readers get a chance to review them and vote for them. Please take time to review them and vote for the ones you like!

Below is the list of the different sessions submitted by CTO Ambassadors ordered in the way received and not in anyway related to it’s greatness. There is a total of almost 50 sessions, so I am sure you will find at least few you like in the list below. Please be kind and vote for the ones you like.

Rate at least 5 of the below sessions, and leave your name in the comments area for a chance to win one of two $50 Amazon gift cards sponsored by the VirtualizationTeam.com blog. Please note VMworld website now allow you to rate submissions and not just vote for it, so you can qualify by just rating submissions even if you don’t rate them highly, although I am sure you will find at least 5 sessions below that worth your 5 stars votes.… Read More

My VMworld 2017 VVD – NFV – SDN session

It’s that time of the year, where it is your chance to vote for the sessions you would like to see at VMworld. This year, I have submitted six VMworld Sessions focusing on VMware Validated Design (VVD), Network Function Virtualization (NFV), Software Defined Networking (SDN). I hope you find few you will like and vote for.

For those of you who are ready to rate the sessions, here is the list. If you like to ready the summary of all my sessions in one place, the you can read below. If you rate at least 3 of my sessions (high or low), please leave a comment below for a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card.

Two VCDXs Deep Dive into VVD Network Stack. [2269] (Breakout Session)
VMware Validated Design The Why? Who? What? Why? & How? [2258] (Breakout Session)
Addressing the Most Common VMware Validated Design Decisions Deviations [2232](Breakout Session)
VMware Validated Design Experts Panel [2062] (Panel Discussion)
Software Defined Networking (SDN) vs Network Function Virtualization (NFV) [2242] (Breakout Session)
Question the VVD Network Stack Decisions [2277] (Panel Discussion)

Below is a summary of my sessions and looking forward for your votes and support.

Two VCDXs Deep Dive into VVD Network Stack.

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Last chance to win your VMworld 2015 Ticket from VMTurbo

If you still have not got your VMworld 2015 ticket, it is not yet the time to quit your hunting for a free VMworld ticket. VMTurbo is still offering you the chance to win one of a pair of Two VMworld 2015 tickets through their sweepstakes taking place on July 9th. VMworld is the most looked after Virtualization/Cloud Computing event, and here is your chance to be there this year. Good luck everyone and looking forward for a winner within my blog readers.

Below is more details about VMTurbo VMworld 2015 Ticket Sweepstakes: (Click on the image below to be directed to the Sweepstakes page)

VMTurbo VMworld 2015 Sweepstakes

VMTurbo is giving 2 more lucky winners two Full Conference Passes to VMworld 2015 in San Francisco. The epicenter of all things virtual, VMworld is our industry’s biggest stage. VMTurbo will be there, and they want you there too.

VMTurbo will be giving away the last pair of tickets on July 9th, make sure to enter for your chance to win!

Who? 2 Winners (maybe you!)
What? 2 VMworld 2015 Passes
Where? San Francisco, California
When? August 30th – September 3rd… Read More

Vote for my VMworld Sessions!

VMworld Voting is here again. I have two sessions this year that made it to the voting stage. I would appreciate it if you can show your support and interest in these sessions and vote.  Please vote at: http://www.vmworld.com/voting.jspa

Below is an extract of both sessions:

Session: 1304 Protect Your Cloud

As the business world is becoming more competitive by day, companies are striving to be more agile. As a result, the adoption of Cloud Computing technologies has reached new levels never been seen before.

While Cloud Computing Technologies bring a lot of agility and benefits to the enterprise, if not implemented correctly they will come with their own challenges. Availability, Business Continuity, and Disaster Recover-ability are a few of the top challenges enterprises faces when moving to Cloud Computing. Fortunately, VMware customers will not have to make the trade off between being agile and having best of breed Availability, Business Continuity, and Disaster Recovery.

Join us in this session to learn how VMware’s new vCloud Suite offers an unprecedented Availability, Business Continuity, and Disaster Recovery capabilities. We will discuss the capabilities and how the solution meets the highest SLA levels without compromising agility.

A demonstration of vCloud Automation Center failover will be conducted during the session.… Read More

VMworld 2013 Hands-on Labs is now Available Online

Friends and Fans of the VMworld  Hands-on Labs, I have a great news for you. I am sure if you are like me, you did not get enough time at VMworld to do all the Hands-on Labs you planned to go through. Worry not, now you can take them online! They are available even for those of you who did not get to attend VMworld! It is free for every one! What are you waiting for, Register, sign-in and start taking labs in less than five minutes.
VMware have begun releasing the 2013 Labs via the Hands-on Labs Online Portal at http://labs.hol.vmware.com. There are now 16 lab topics available, free to everyone. Please share with your co-workers, customers and partners. Labs are listed below along with a direct link to enroll in the lab.


Labs Currently Available


Labs Coming This Week

  • HOL-SDC-1303 – VMware NSX Network Virtualization Platform
  • HOL-SDC-1319 – VMware NSX for Multiple Hypervisor Environments
  • HOL-MBL-1301-UC – VMware View Use Cases
  • HOL-MBL-1304 – Horizon Workspace – Explore and Deploy
  • HOL-MBL-1309 – Horizon Mirage – Manage Physical Desktops
  • HOL-MBL-1311 – Applied ThinApp with the Horizon Suite
  • HOL-HBD-1301 – vCloud Hybrid Service – Jump Start for vSphere Admins
  • HOL-HBD-1302 – vCloud Hybrid Service – Networking & Security
  • HOL-HBD-1303 – vCloud Hybrid Service – Manage Your Cloud
  • HOL-PRT-1301 – NetApp Virtual Storage Console
  • HOL-PRT-1302 – IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for Virtual Environments
  • HOL-PRT-1303 – EMC – Using Puppet with vSphere Web Client
  • HOL-PRT-1304 – Infoblox – Automate with vCAC and the vCO IPAM plug-in
  • HOL-PRT-1305 – Cisco Nexus 1000V – Enhanced VXLAN Networking in vCloud Director
  • HOL-PRT-1306 – Catbird-Hytrust-LogRhythm – Partner Security and Compliance
  • HOL-PRT-1307 – Puppet Labs – Automate vSphere Provisioning and Management


VMware announce new lab releases via the Hands-on Labs blog at http://blogs.vmware.com/hol
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Please Vote for my #VMworld 2013 Sessions

I have came up with four sessions that I would like to present at VMworld 2013, but I need your help to make it reality. As you know VMworld sessions are chosen based on the community voting, so I need every vote I can get specially when many of the other sessions are done by commercial contributors who got an army of employees and partners who would vote for them. I would appreciate your vote on the sessions you would like to see at VMworld 2013. Please find my sessions information below:

4795 vCenter & Single Sign On 5.1 Best Practices

This session will discuss the various design considerations when architecting the foundation for every solid vSphere 5.1 environment. The introduction of vCenter Single Sign On & the ability to deploy vCenter components across multiple machines in vCenter 5.1 has dramatically changed & added new set of rules to vCenter best practices. This session will help you understand & relate such best practices to your VMware Virtual Infrastructure.

4797 vCenter & vCenter SSO 5.1 best practices.

This session will have open discussions for the various design considerations when architecting the foundation for every solid vSphere 5.1 environment. The introduction of vCenter Single Sign On & the ability to deploy vCenter components across multiple machines in vCenter 5.1… Read More

Two opportunities for Free VMworld Passes

Yop, it is that time of the year again where all of us are looking for a way to get free VMworld Passes. Below is not one opportunity, but two of them & I will update it as soon I hear of more.

1- VMworld Calls for Papers: As with every year VMware is calling Employees, Partners, Alliance, Customers & everyone interested in presenting at VMware to  submit their requests before April 12, 2013 for consideration. If your paper  is accepted, you will be offered to present and a free pass to VMworld. Check out the following link for more details : https://www.vmworld.com/cfp.jspa

2- Veeam VMworld 2013 Pass Drawing: All you need to participate for a chance to win a VMworld 2013 pass from Veeam is to register for their VMworld 2013 Pass Drawing at: FREE full pass to VMworld 2013 by Veeam.

Good luck to everyone! & hope more vendors will copy Veeam initiative and offer more chances for Free VMworld Passes.… Read More

VMworld 2012 Labs from the Comfort of your Home Couch

Imagine being able to access VMworld 2012 labs while enjoying your comfy Home Couch. Imagine if all this joy was on demand when ever or where ever you want it as long you have access to the internet. Oh yeah you don’t have to travel thousand of miles to VMworld to get access to these labs nor you have to buy anything. Sound as a dream land right!

No I am not trying to bull your leg in here to buy something. VMware has released “VMware Hands-on Labs Online – Public Beta” few months back, & people started already getting access now. Alright got you excited yet? Now the time to ask for payment, if you want access you will need to pay me $699.99 & I will send you the link.

You don’t take a good joke! below is the link to register. Its free! Please remember the sooner you do so the quicker you will get your access.

Register for VMware Hands-On Labse Online Link

For more info about this new exciting labs check out the following page: http://communities.vmware.com/docs/DOC-20212

Ah at last please don’t forget to leave your feedback of how the labs operate, lab manuals, lab interface and the over all experience.… Read More

VMworld 2012 Top Announcements

Every VMworld so far has carried out an over whelming number of innovative announcements that hit us over a short period of few days, & this VMworld is no exception. In this post, I have decided to summarize the top announcement made at VMworld 2012. I will start by pointing the ones announced today, & will add to them if I find more announcement to make it to my top announcements list. I believe just the ones announced today will be a total game changer and will leave us with a lot to play with till the next VMwolrd and maybe beyond that. That have been said, let’s look at some of these great announcements:

vSphere Related Announcements:

vSphere 5.1 is here with many enhancement and new features. For the full list of enhancement and features of vSphere 5.1, you might want to check out: https://www.vmware.com/files/pdf/products/vsphere/vmware-what-is-new-vsphere51.pdf

vSphere Enhanced VMotion: Share Storage was always one of the requirements to run VMotion. Not any more with the announcement of Enhanced VMotion today, you no longer need a shared storage to be able to benefit of VMotion. I can see many customers looking forward to this, specially smaller customers who could not afford a shared storage.… Read More

My VMworld Awards Critique

First lets start by answering “Do I agree with the VMworld 2010 Awards winners?”. My answer to the previous question to the most part I agree with most of the winners, though I believe the judging process might need a bit of improvement. I have just came across Eric Siebert, which discuss the judging process for VMworld Award winners. You can find Eric article at:


Although the process is quite fair to every vendor, I still believe without installing and testing the product running we will allow vendors to promise the sky and deliver nothing close. I am sure the judges like Eric are Virtualization experts that are not easy to fool about the products functionality, but still there is a gray area that vendors can play around. I believe it would be more fair if the judges get to test these products in the lab & ensure it meets the promised functionality. As the installation of all the products to be tested can be time consuming for the judges, it might make sense to let these app vendors install the application and keep it ready for the judges test drive.

Further, I was wondering if the judges declare them selves to the competing vendors as judges when they go to evaluate and ask about the products.… Read More

VMworld 2010 Awards Winners

First of all I would like to congrats all the VMworld 2010 Awards Winners.  You have really worked so hard for it & you definitely deserve it. Before sharing the winners list I thought I will share a good funny story I had yesterday. Two hours before declaring the winners I have got an e-mail from Tina at VKernel as follow:

====Tina E-mail Start ====

Hi ~

Just a quick update that our new Capacity Management Suite 2.0 is in the top 3 for the VMworld 2010 Best of Show in the “Virtualization Management” category.

Hope you make an opportunity to download it and try it out for yourself in the lab.

In 2 hours we learn who the winner is, but we are of course excited to be in the finalists out of 35 contenders.

Stay tuned!


– Tina

====Tina E-mail End ====

After reading the e-mail, I had a feeling that VKernel had a gut feeling that they will be the winner before it was announced. It was a nice touch from them after they won they have sent another e-mail thanking all the bloggers and customers who supported them. Well Done VKenel. Veeam seemed to be the most finalist for this year, well done Veeam.Read More

Where will IBM fans stay at VMworld?

Shortly after posting my last post “Where will Apple Lover stay in VMworld?” I had a funny feed back of one of the apple fans as he knew I am a quite IBM fan. He told me did you know here will IBM Fans stay at VMworld check below to find out:

Where will IBM fans stay at VMworld?






guessed yet?






Hint: its one of the recommended hotels by VMware for VMworld





As you all know Tivoli is one of the largest and most important IBM Software Suites, so here you go VMware are not only taking care of VMware Fans but of IBM and Apple Fans. I am not sure if there are any more lucky winner fans.
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Where will Apple Lover stay in VMworld?

Don’t get me wrong. I really love Apple & VMware, though I have received this in my e-mail few days back and thought its kinda funny and decided to share it.

Where will Apple Lovers stay in VMworld?






Guess ????





Keep looking further down







Well, believe it or not this hotel was one of the hotels recommended by VMware for VMworld. A great choice to attract Apple lovers :). I wonder if you get a discount for carrying your iMac, iPad, iPhone with you to the hotel.
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