Software Defined Datacenter is a Game Changer

At VMworld, VMware will be blasting the world with its Software Defined Datacenter (SDDC) story. While VMware is at the center of the Software Defined Datacenter story, the VMware Software Defined Datacenter offering could put VMware at the Center of the IT Universe. The Software Defined Datacenter story remind me a lot of VMware initial virtualization story, where it had disrupted & changed the IT world for ever.

It was funny how the world play it self again, as I remember how much resistance VMware had initially of the Servers hardware vendors who were so worried that this new way of Compute  (Virtualization) could make them irrelevant. The benefits of Virtualization was unstoppable that it spread like fire that other vendors had to try to book their seat as quickly as possible to benefit of this technology change as they can not resist it any more. The nice part of the story virtualization end up pushing all these hardware vendors to innovate which has benefited both customers as well the different hardware vendors.

I am already seeing things shaping up in the same way at the moment with SDDC, as it will not just reshape compute, but it will extend to network & storage.… Read More