SolarWinds release more free tools as Christmas gifts

At the current economy, it seems good free tools are just getting to be more and more popular. SolarWinds have released quite few useful ones lately & I thought I will list them below for the benefits of my readers who is hunting for such free tools:

SolarWinds Free VM Console

The SolarWinds Free VM Console enables you to bounce your virtual machines without ever logging into VMware Plus, you can track up/down status, take snapshots, and restart VMs even if you are not a VMware administrator. Be a VM superhero with the ability to:

  • Shutdown & restart VMs without logging into vCenter or vSphere
  • Take snapshots of your VMs before bouncing them
  • Get end-to-end visibility into your VMware environment from vCenter through ESX hosts to VM guests
  • Track the up/down status of your VMs without logging into VMware apps

SolarWinds Free Storage Response Time Monitor

SolarWinds Storage Response Time Monitor makes keeping track of your storage response times and latency issues easier than ever!

  • Get at-a-glance insight into the host to datastore connections with the worst response times and the busiest VMs using those connections
  • See a breakdown of the datastore including type and device versus kernel latency

SolarWinds FREE Real-Time Bandwidth Monitor

SolarWinds Real-Time Bandwidth Monitor makes it easy to keep a close eye on a troublesome interface and monitors the bandwidth usage in real-time!… Read More

Hyper9 VEO – Hyper9 Virtual Environment Optimization Review

Few days back, I had the chance to evaluate Hyper9 Virtual Environment Optimization known by Hyper9 VEO. Actually as most of our internal testing equipment is currently out of the office, the guys at Hyper9 was kind enough to provide me with a SandBox on their side to test the product. Below is my feedback based on my experience with their sandbox.

There are two main differences between Hyper9 VEO and other Performance Monitoring solution being searchable & being focused on optimization rather than monitoring. Being searchable can make an amazing different, that you would not imagine how powerful it get without trying it. Before I tried the product, their engineer has shown me that they have a search bar & like no others you can search their product for any bit of info you need. At first glance, that did not get my attention neither I was able to make sense of it. After testing the product first hand, I have discovered that make all the difference. Its similar to comparing traditional web directories & Search Engines. Before search engine came up, web directories were the main method of discovering sites on the web. You used to have to click your way through categories, category by category at a time.… Read More

SolarWind Free VM Monitor tool for VMware ESX

SolarWind has released a new VMware ESX Monitoring tool called VM Monitor. The new tool can monitor the status & utilizaiton of your ESX Servers as well your Virtual Machines. SolareWind VM Monitor uses the SNMP Service on VMware ESX to monitor your enviornment. As VMware ESXi does not support SNMP queries,  it’s still not supported by SolarWind VM Monitor. In order for SolarWind to work with your VMware ESX you will have to enable SNMP on your ESX hosts. A good instruction on enabling SNMP on VMware ESX Host can be found at: VMware ESX How to enable SNMP.

Below you will find a good video of the SolarWind VM Monitor in action, please note the video cover a bit of SolarWind Orion product which is not a free product.

SolarWind Free VM Monitor for VMware ESX is nice & quite useful. I would suggest you try it out :).… Read More