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VMworld Voting is here again. I have two sessions this year that made it to the voting stage. I would appreciate it if you can show your support and interest in these sessions and vote.  Please vote at:

Below is an extract of both sessions:

Session: 1304 Protect Your Cloud

As the business world is becoming more competitive by day, companies are striving to be more agile. As a result, the adoption of Cloud Computing technologies has reached new levels never been seen before.

While Cloud Computing Technologies bring a lot of agility and benefits to the enterprise, if not implemented correctly they will come with their own challenges. Availability, Business Continuity, and Disaster Recover-ability are a few of the top challenges enterprises faces when moving to Cloud Computing. Fortunately, VMware customers will not have to make the trade off between being agile and having best of breed Availability, Business Continuity, and Disaster Recovery.

Join us in this session to learn how VMware’s new vCloud Suite offers an unprecedented Availability, Business Continuity, and Disaster Recovery capabilities. We will discuss the capabilities and how the solution meets the highest SLA levels without compromising agility.

A demonstration of vCloud Automation Center failover will be conducted during the session.

Session: 1518 Best Practice vCloud: Deploying an End-to-End Application Stack

This presentation demonstrates how to adopt a vCloud initiative using VMware vCloud Automation Center with an end-to-end application lifecycle strategy. Companies are excited to adopt a vCloud initiative that introduces lower provisioning time, automation and greater flexibility with compute resources. VMware’s vCloud Automation Center offer consumers faster access to the application stack. Leveraging a vCloud initiative, Information Technology departments are prepared to meet on-demand requests for provisioned resources within a service level agreement. Join us to learn how vCloud Automation Center enables you to create an end-to-end application lifecycle strategy.

vCloud Automation Center leverages seven phases for the end-to-end application lifecycle: Request, Placement, Approval, Provision, Post-Provision, Management and Decommission. Each phase represents an opportunity to automate, leverage cross team functionality, optimize existing processes and ease the management of resources. This presentation dives into vCloud Automation Center core components, such as building machine and machine provisioned workflows, reservations, approval/lease policies, custom properties, post build configuration and disposal process. Each component builds upon itself in a series of events that facilitates automation and an end-to-end application stack.

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