Cavemen want efficiency too! Move beyond traditional IT management solutions with VMware.

I was about to head to bed till I saw this really funny VMware video on my facebook. I thought it was too funny to pass by it and not share it with my readers. Check out how the Cavemen want efficiency too! Move beyond traditional IT management solutions with VMware. Don’t miss this video and watch it and have a great laugh.

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Zombie VM interview just before Hallowe’en

First of all I would like to say Happy Hallowe’en to everyone. I thought you might want to check how bad Zombie VMs can be to your Virtual Infrastructure. The below interview of a Zombie VM is quite interesting & funny specially just in time for Hallowe’en. Enjoy the video below:

Another Zombie VMs Video, & in fact my favorite in this theme:

Well do you want to kill some of these Zombie VMs and start your battle, then you might want to check out VKernel vScope Explorer which can easily spot Zombie VMs & the beauty of it its totally free. Check out the below video of VKernel vScope Explorer:

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Can you guess whose logo is this?

I want all of you to look at this logo & try to guess which company logo is this :).

Funny VMware Logo

Ah if you rather watch this post as a video instead of reading it check the video below else keep reading.

I am sure this logo is familiar to most of us. At least I am sure 75% of you had already guessed whose logo is this :). Do you think you really know whose logo is this? Well then scroll down to see the answer. If you missed it or got it right the first time then please leave me a commend & a feed back of this small puzzle :).









Well, I am sure plenty of you even VMware employees had fallen for this logo and thought it was their own logo, but guess what this is Novotel Hotel in France logo. I was amazed to see the logo all over the place when I stayed there a month back for VMware/IBM Training which was not held in the hotel. I was suprised to discover that was the hotel logo & decided to take a picture of the logo and tuzz it on my blog & see how many people I can trick with it.… Read More

Virtualization nightmares!

Find out how this cute lady nightmares Vanished using VMware :). watch the video below to find out just that:

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VMware ESX Action Movie

Lol, Take a look & try to imagine how VMware would look like if it was an Action Movie. Check out the video below to find out:

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Cisco TelePresence – On-Stage Holographic Video Conferencing

I know reading the title you wonder what does this has to do with Virtualizaiton, but if you look deep into it you will find out that some one has figured out how to virtualize human :). For example you have one instructur & he can do lecture in 20 different countries which is 100s maybe 1000s of miles away at the same time. Ah wow that can save a lot of travel cost & man power cost used for training. The same concept can be used for many other purposes, which get you to use 1 person to do 20 people job. Does not that sound like server virtualization when it started out!! To find out more about TelePresence & what I like to call Human virtualizaiton please look at the few videos below:

OoOpss does that mean companies will need less people to do the same job in the future just as less servers in the datacenter? Wow, what will happen to the rest do we manufacture less human in the future than now just like servers!! who know. I hope this one was fun though.

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