VMWorld 2021 announced projects Summary

VMworld 2021 is here, and as you would expect many big announcements are in the making. As it’s easy to get lost between Arctic, Ensemble, Capitola, Cascade, Monterey, Radium projects announcements, so here is small summary about each one. It can help as well in case you missed one of them or looking for more details:-

VMware Project Arctic and Project Cascade announced at VMworld

Project Arctic:-

Project Arctic will bring multi-cloud to the fingertips of vSphere customers, by natively integrating cloud connectivity into vSphere – making vSphere cloud-aware, and making hybrid cloud the “default” operating model.  Millions of IT Admins who use vCenter on-premises will be able to leverage their domain expertise and benefit from expanded cloud capabilities. Customers would be able to instantly access VMware Cloud capacity and deploy VMware Cross-Cloud Services – for example, they would be able to enable disaster recovery to the cloud with just a few clicks, or leverage security services for threat detection and ransomware protection.


Project Cascade:-

Project Cascade will provide a unified Kubernetes interface for both on-demand infrastructure (IaaS) and containers (CaaS) across VMware Cloud – available through an open command line interface (CLI), APIs, or a GUI dashboard.  Project Cascade will address the needs of developers and DevOps in a multi-cloud world. It will enable a true open multi-cloud with an industry standard programmatic interface that is powered by Kubernetes.  Project Cascade will be built on an open foundation, with the open-sourced VM Operator as the first milestone delivery for Project Cascade that enables VM services on VMware Cloud.


Project Capitola:-

VMworld Project Capitola

Project Capitola is a software-defined memory implementation that will provide the best price-performance ratio for current and next-gen applications by aggregating memory tiers across DRAM, PMEM, NVMe and other future technologies. Project Capitola will be enabled for on-premises data centers and the cloud by bringing together a broad ecosystem of memory and server vendors. I am glad to share that we have joined forces with Intel, one of our lead partners for Project Capitola, to blend our expertise in software defined data center management with Intel’s industry leading Intel® Optane™ PMem on Intel® Xeon™ platforms, as a first step towards delivering on the promise of Project Capitola to our customers.


Project Monterey:-

VMworld Project Monterey

Project Monterey is the next step in the evolution of cloud infrastructure to meet the needs of modern applications, including bare-metal workloads. Project Monterey reimagines the virtual infrastructure as a distributed architecture that is enabled by the Data Processing Unit (DPU) and offers a single, more secure operating model that unifies management for traditional, cloud-native, and bare-metal workloads for our customers.


Project Ensemble:-

Project Ensemble graphical user interface application description

Project Ensemble will simplify and accelerate your journey to multi-cloud by uniting the different personas in an application-centric collaborative user interface. Project Ensemble will unify and strengthen our best-in-class multi-cloud management capabilities and support a cloud operating model for customers at any stage of their cloud transformation.


Project Radium:-

Project Radium introduces remoting, pooling, sharing to a multitude of other architectures and vendors

Radium builds upon Bitfusion and expands its feature set beyond NVIDIA GPUs to hardware from other vendors, including AMD, Graphcore, Intel, and others. This is a completely accelerator-agnostic approach to device virtualization and remoting, allowing enablement of new hardware architectures without explicit software support.


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