VMWorld 2021 announced projects Summary

VMworld 2021 is here, and as you would expect many big announcements are in the making. As it’s easy to get lost between Arctic, Ensemble, Capitola, Cascade, Monterey, Radium projects announcements, so here is small summary about each one. It can help as well in case you missed one of them or looking for more details:-

VMware Project Arctic and Project Cascade announced at VMworld

Project Arctic:-

Project Arctic will bring multi-cloud to the fingertips of vSphere customers, by natively integrating cloud connectivity into vSphere – making vSphere cloud-aware, and making hybrid cloud the “default” operating model.  Millions of IT Admins who use vCenter on-premises will be able to leverage their domain expertise and benefit from expanded cloud capabilities. Customers would be able to instantly access VMware Cloud capacity and deploy VMware Cross-Cloud Services – for example, they would be able to enable disaster recovery to the cloud with just a few clicks, or leverage security services for threat detection and ransomware protection.


Project Cascade:-

Project Cascade will provide a unified Kubernetes interface for both on-demand infrastructure (IaaS) and containers (CaaS) across VMware Cloud – available through an open command line interface (CLI), APIs, or a GUI dashboard.  Project Cascade will address the needs of developers and DevOps in a multi-cloud world.… Read More