Sony VAIO laptops disabled Intel VT

This article title say “Sony VAIO laptops disabled Intel VT“, but what should that mean to you. It should mean the world to a lot of us. It should mean think twice trice before you buy a Sony VAIO laptop, due to the amount of limitation that come with disabling Intel VT. Ok, let’s see some of the most obvious limitation:

1- Sony VAIO Laptops will not support Windows 7 XP mode, which require enabling hardware Virtualization:

Windows 7 will be offering a great feature which is called XP mode, which will allow you to run most of XP applications on Windows 7 without having to worry about application compatibility with Windows 7. As Windows 7 XP mode requires Hardware Virtualization which Sony has decided to disable on their laptops. This means if you are upgrading to windows 7 then Sony VAIO laptop might not be for you.

2- Sony VAIO Laptops will not support MS Hyper-V.

If you are the average Joe, & you don’t care about testing stuff and Virtualization is only a buzzword to you then this might not affect you. Though if you care even a bit of running Hyper-V on your laptop for testing Hyper-V it self or test multiple OS on your laptop at a time then again Sony VAIO is not the laptop for you.… Read More

VMware Workstation 6.5: The Best of Virtualization (Second Part)

This is the second part of this Article. If you have not read the first part you might want to check it out: VMware Workstation 6.5: The Best of Virtualization (first part)

After installing Workstation 6.5, we had it operating and running in just a few minutes. On it, we can install a wide variety of Windows and Linux systems, both 32- and 64-bit ones. Anyone who is familiar with creating virtual machines will have this done in no time.

The “Easy Install” feature is simply amazing and easy to use. Upon beginning to create your virtual machine, you will be asked to choose between specifying an ISO image or inserting the original installation CD/DVD. Workstation 6.5 will recognize the operating system and will ask you for details about the license and name, in order to ease the installation process. After the installation, the “Easy Install” function will automatically run the VMware Tools installer to get the guest system ready almost immediately. Even though this is particularly useful for Windows systems, “Easy Install” also helps a lot in the installation of a Linux system, such as the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10.

Furthermore, “Unity” is a really useful feature, which allows virtual machines applications to be used on the desktop of a real system in a more interactive way.… Read More

VMware Workstation 6.5: The Best of Virtualization

VMware’s latest version of its PC and laptop virtualization tool continues to bring success to developers and advanced users.

Other manufacturers following in VMware’s footsteps are Sun Microsystems with VirtualBox and, to a lesser extent, Microsoft with its Virtual PC.

VMware Workstation 6.5 is a unique tool used to create and run a wide variety of virtual machines on conventional PCs offers some of the best configuration and administration tools.

The latest version of VMware Workstation is an ideal tool for developers, advanced users working with multiple platforms, and anyone who needs to simulate a network of computers on a single PC. The e-Week Laboratory tested the different versions of VMware Workstation, and 6.5 got our “Analyst Choice” prize for its performance.

But unlike previous years, the new version, costing nearly € 160 per license, now has serious competition. VirtualBox by Sun Microsystems surprised many with its functionality—a free alternative that runs on both Windows and Linux systems. Parallels Workstation is also a great alternative that costs almost half as much. Microsoft offers Virtual PC, although this product is at a slightly lower level than the other alternatives.

The new version has been available since early October 2008 and contains big improvements like the new integrated desktop “Unity”; an “Easy Install” function that allows unattended installation of the guest operating system; management of encrypted virtual machines with ACE (Assured Computing Environment), and tools for Pocket ACE.… Read More

Solaris 10 (x86) under VmWare

I have this question often when talking about VMware. IS Solaris 10 available under VMware. Yes Solaris 10 (X86) is feasible under VMware, though it is not too spread yet.

Solaris10 X86 on VMware

(Solaris 10 X86 Running on VMware)

If you desire to Install Solaris 10 (X86) on VMware all you need is:

* VMware (Any Edition)

* 4 images of Solaris 10 (x86) CDs (Total: ~ 1.4 GB)

* ~ 4 hours time (installation)

* ~ 4GB HD space on the host system in a small installation

* Good Unix knowledge

* VMware Virtual Machine settings: 256MB RAM, virtual HD = 8GB, networking = Bridge

That all required,

Sun Solaris 10 Booting Inside Windows Vista on Vmware Workstaion 6 Everything Working Video!

Enjoy the ride,

Virtualized1970… Read More