This page is dedicated for Cloud & Virtualization Training. I will try to provide links and videos for different sort of Virtualization & Cloud related training & tutorials. I will do my best to focus on free and easy to access training.  I am working as well on providing few of my own:


Learn Virtualization/vSphere from Scratch (Eiad Al-Aqqad):

I have create this video training series with focus on IT professionals  that is trying to learn virtualization, but could not figure out where to start as most training out there assume you already know the concept and start at a more advanced level than a total beginners can grasp the concept. This training was created to fill that gab and to help network admins, storage admins, MS Infrastructure admins, server admins, and so on catch up the virtualization boat before it’s too late. If you have always wanted to learn Virtualization and found it challenging to start, then this training is what you are looking for:

Lesson 1: What & Why Virtualization?

This lesson covers the what’s & why of Virtualization and try to simplify the concept of Server Virtualization as much as possible for someone who has never used Server Virtualization before or have a little knowledge of it.

What’s/Why Virtualization Part 1?

What’s/Why Virtualization Part 2?

What’s/Why Virtualization Part 3?

Lesson 2: Hypervizor Evolution & Hypervizor Types

This lesson cover the Hypervizor Types & Evolution and try to simplify the differences between the different hypervizor types and how the VMware Hypervizor has evolved through time.

Lesson 3:Learn How to Install VMware ESXi Server (Step by Step)

This lesson cover the VMware ESXi Hypervizor installation in a step by step fashion. It covers everything you need to be able to install a VMware ESXi Hypervisor from the pre-requisites to where to download the software to how to install it and do initial configuration. It is what a beginner need to get his first VMware ESXi box up and running.

Lesson 4: How to create your first Virtual Machine (Step by Step)

Wohooo! In this lesson you will learn how to create your first Virtual Machine. Yes, you will finally have your first virtual machine a life and kicking hard! To be able to create your first machine though, you will need to install your vSphere Client or Web Client. In this video, I will be using the vSphere client and will show you how to install it, then create your first VM and load it with Windows.

Lesson 5: Getting to know your VMs & vSphere resource management

In this lesson, I help you discover what makes a virtual machine and how vSphere manages its virtual machines resources. Find out how virtual machines resource allocation, limit, & reservation work? How does it manage memory, CPU, & disk over-commitment. Why does ESXi host need to use transparent page sharing, ballooning, and swap files. What does it use resource pool for? This lesson is great for anyone who is trying to learn how to manage his VMs and ensure it does not starve for resources. What is virtual machines snapshots? How to use it?

If you find these training video sessions useful, please share it to help others find it and to help me learn how useful its which encourage to record more videos in this training series. Please remember producing more videos in this series is highly dependent on how many people is using it.