VMware Usage Meter 3.6.1 HotPatch 2 is RELEASED

VMware Usage Meter 3.6.1 HotPatch 2 is Released with a good amount of enhancements and bug fixes. It is highly recommended to apply Usage Meter 3.6.1 HotPatch 2. Below is a summary of the main fixes and improvement included in HotPatch 2.

What’s new:

  • Bugfixes for Auto reporting or manual generation of reports in vCloud Usage Meter fails
  • Bugfixes for vCenter Server consumption data collection fails
  • Bugfixes for vCloud Usage Meter 3.6.1 Hot Patch 1 does not meter vSAN
  • Performance improvements for report generation, now customers will be able to generate reports where it was not possible before.
  • TLS fix
  • Defined scalability and performance limits for reports

UM 3.6.1 HotPatch 2 can be downloaded at: Download link

For more information, please check the release notes at: Release notesRead More