VMware Workstation 6.5: The Best of Virtualization (Second Part)

This is the second part of this Article. If you have not read the first part you might want to check it out: VMware Workstation 6.5: The Best of Virtualization (first part)

After installing Workstation 6.5, we had it operating and running in just a few minutes. On it, we can install a wide variety of Windows and Linux systems, both 32- and 64-bit ones. Anyone who is familiar with creating virtual machines will have this done in no time.

The “Easy Install” feature is simply amazing and easy to use. Upon beginning to create your virtual machine, you will be asked to choose between specifying an ISO image or inserting the original installation CD/DVD. Workstation 6.5 will recognize the operating system and will ask you for details about the license and name, in order to ease the installation process. After the installation, the “Easy Install” function will automatically run the VMware Tools installer to get the guest system ready almost immediately. Even though this is particularly useful for Windows systems, “Easy Install” also helps a lot in the installation of a Linux system, such as the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10.

Furthermore, “Unity” is a really useful feature, which allows virtual machines applications to be used on the desktop of a real system in a more interactive way. After the installation of the guest system and its applications is complete, activate the “Unity” function. This allows us, for example, to run Microsoft Word in one virtual machine and PowerPoint in another. It also makes it possible to drag and drop information between both applications without having to switch virtual machines, or do anything extra. VirtualBox by Sun has a similar feature, clearly setting a trend in this kind of virtualization tool.

Thank you to Edouardo Sanchez for a great conclusion to a wonderful and informative article.


  1. Hi
    I’m looking for a Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2 replacement

    my host is windows 7 64bit enterprise and i need to run 64bit VMs (windows server 2008 r2 mostly) for testing and developing purpose.

    i liked VS2005 r2 because it wast tiny, it runs as a service and i can access VMs and settings from other pc

    My first choice for replacement was vmware server 2 but it want to install tomcat and all that java stuff on my pc and i dont like that and also its come with a 520mb installer!?!?!

    so i tried vmware workstation 7 but it want to install 3gb of stuff on my pc.. and i don’t need 3d acceleration

    so my last choice is Virtualbox3 because it seems fast and small and with some tweak i could run VMs as service; or maybe i should format my pc and install directly Windows server 2008 R2 with hyperV

    What do you think about the struggle between VirtualBox and VMWare Workstation/Server.

    thanks in advance

  2. Wonky Wonk says



    I have used VMware Workstation since 1999 on various Linux platforms and sometimes under windows. I work as a Systems Engineer for a VAR and use workstation 6.5 or 7.x to run ESX servers and NetApp simulators, as well as entire Active Directory domains, all on a host-only network, for portability.

    You mentioned running 64-bit VM’s, and ESX is one. Works beautifully, and can power on VM’s **INSIDE** the ESX VM, running on a laptop that runs Linux (ubuntu 9.04_64) and VMware Workstation 7.0. I have a simulated iSCSI SAN, CIFS server, and NFS server in the network as well.

    I use this to self-train and to demonstrate. I’ve tried vBox and MS stuff too, but this type of thing won’t even work under Windows Vista 64 or XP as host OS’s. BSOD.

    HP Elitebook 8530w, 4GB ram, 250GB 5400rpm HDD, BTW

    Just need to have vPro and a good Linux distribution.

    And who cares about 3GB of HDD space? Don’t let THAT stop you! 🙂


  3. Hi Giammin,

    I guess Wonky Wonk has said it all. In addition, as I am a VCP I get VMware workstation for free, so I have been enjoying it for the past few years :).



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