VMware Fusion is a must for Mac Users

Boot camp was a great commer to the Mac, but that when it first came. VMware Fusion was a turning point for Mac users. I believe most of Mac users who found out about VMware Fusion has thrown their boot camp away and moved to VMware Fusion. If you still using Boot camp then consider watching the below video, and I know you will be on your way to the Fusion!!!!!!


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Apple virtualization will allow Mac OS X Server on its machines…

Parallels Desktop … Apple has for long refused to cover its operating systems in virtualization. But today it seems that it has changed its mind.

Indeed, Apple is about to propose a special license with Leopard, which would allow you to install a copy of Mac OS X Server on a machine and then install additional copies of Mac OS X Server on the same machine . Of Course, you will have to get licenses for each copy installed…

One could therefore assume that it will be possible thanks to Parallels and VMWare to run Mac OS X in a virtual machine.

For the moment the license authorizes the virtualization of Mac OS X operating system only on machines certified by Apple…… Read More