IBM lets Linux programs run on Unix servers

IBM Virtualization plattform “PowerVM” lets X86-Linux application programs run unmodified on system p servers with power processors.

This ability called by IBM “Lx86”. Linux Binaries are recognized automatically and run under AIX exactly the same way they run under Linux. Thereby among other options the server consolidation will be facilitated for the users. Lx86 becomes part of all editions of PowerVM (before hand “Advanced power Virtualization”).

PowerVM for the following operating systems AIX, i5/OS and Linux is among other things also included in “express” – edition, which aims at small and medium businesses. The administrator can divide a server in up to three partitions and steer the processor cycles for optimal achievement. The express edition which cost 40 dollar per core, which was released not long back. In addition there are the superior versions which are “standard” and “Enterprise”.

lately, IBM started to support running i5/OS on the new Power6 Processor. In addition its new release V6R1 offers improvements in term of achievements, STORAGE and Security. It supports also the energy savings function “Power6 EnergyScale”. Beside the system i which also can run on the new chassis “Bladecenter H”. Supplementing IBM bext to its rational programming tools for the i5/OS.

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IBM dopes its Pseries entry Line with Power6

IBM in the begining of this year had revealed the long waited p520 Express and p550 Express line, both proposed in rack and tower format, and especially equipped with the microprocessor Power 6, the most recent of the IBM Processors catalogue. Two choices are proposed according to the speed of clock 3.5 or 4.2 GHz. In addition, IBM signed a commercial partnership agreement with Lenovo for its waited entry line for x86.

IBM thus continues to renovate its family of the always waited Power machines and enriches the software by virtualisation PowerVM (known previously under the name Advanced Power Virtualization) of the Express edition available on the two new models.

The Power6 microprocessor was integrated for the first time last May on the models System p570 in configuration going from 2 to 16 core in only one image. IBM thus continues the grooming of its family of Pseries Servers with these two new models baptized System p520 and p550 Express train. Logic would make you expect these systems would be refered to as 620/650 or p6 520 and 550, but IBM has the secrecy for the classification of its products.

Two new Power6 servers

System p520 express train embarks a Power6 microprocessor to 1,2 or 4 cores given rhythm with 3.5 GHz or 4.2 GHz and a random access memory of 64 GB.… Read More