Free VMTurbo Datacenter Stencils for Microsoft Visio® and OmniGraffle

As a part of my consulting job, I end up using Visio to generate a lot of design diagrams (One of the reasons I had to format my MacBook Pro with Windows). For that reason I am always hungry for new Visio Stencils especially when they are specific to my field and being free. The latest addition to my Microsoft Visio Stencils is the just released VMTurbo Datacenter Stencils for Microsoft Visio® and if  OmniGraffle is your drawing software of choice then they are offering the same stencils for that too! Below is what included in the stencil and how it looks like in my Microsoft Visio.

VMTurbo Datacenter Stencils
Create diagrams of your datacenter using VMTurbo’s free datacenter stencils pack for Microsoft Visio® or for OmniGraffle. See your entire stack from a bird’s eye view to help better understand workflow.

Anyone can download them for free! Download it here!

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