VMworld 2012 Labs from the Comfort of your Home Couch

Imagine being able to access VMworld 2012 labs while enjoying your comfy Home Couch. Imagine if all this joy was on demand when ever or where ever you want it as long you have access to the internet. Oh yeah you don’t have to travel thousand of miles to VMworld to get access to these labs nor you have to buy anything. Sound as a dream land right!

No I am not trying to bull your leg in here to buy something. VMware has released “VMware Hands-on Labs Online – Public Beta” few months back, & people started already getting access now. Alright got you excited yet? Now the time to ask for payment, if you want access you will need to pay me $699.99 & I will send you the link.

You don’t take a good joke! below is the link to register. Its free! Please remember the sooner you do so the quicker you will get your access.

Register for VMware Hands-On Labse Online Link

For more info about this new exciting labs check out the following page: http://communities.vmware.com/docs/DOC-20212

Ah at last please don’t forget to leave your feedback of how the labs operate, lab manuals, lab interface and the over all experience. VMware is really interested in your feedback to be able to improve the system.

Hope you will enjoy these labs just like the rest of us!


  1. Raed Hussein says

    Hi Eiad I have resisted myself and I hope they will grant me access the soonest, but for how long do you think this will stay free? After the Beta will there be any fee for it?

  2. registered.. thanks 🙂

  3. Hi Raed,

    I have no clue if they are planning to make it for a fee later on, though I thought we all can enjoy it as long its free for now :).


  4. Hi Eiad

    I have access to VMworld 2012 online sessions, Since I am a premium Advantage member of VMUG. I have logged into VMworld 2012 but am unable to get access to HOL from there, its just online sessions conducted by technical experts are only visible to me.

    Let me know if you know how to go about accessing the HOL


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