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As we have noticed that the number of our readers have been increasing & the amount of questions we had been getting through e-mail had increased. We have decided to allow people to post all their virtualization questions on this page & we will easier answer it directly in here in the comment or create a post with the solution.

We hope to be able to help more people this way. So just post your virtualization question in the comments & we will try to get back to you on it as soon as possible.


  1. i need to build a 2 server cluster to host a frontend virtual machine.

    the virtual machine should run on 1 node(most powerful) and in case of hardware/software failure run on 2 node (less powerful only for services availability, reliability)

    should i use vmware or hyper-v for best costs/Reliability ratio?

    thanks in advance

  2. virtualizedfuture says

    Hi Giammin,

    I have created a post with your question & I had answered it in there. Please note the post address is:

    Please put any further comments & correspondent on this topic on that post. I am sure other people will comments on it in there as well.

    I hope that help.

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