Get your PBX Cloud Ready with 3CX VoIP Phone System V14

Is your PBX system cloud ready? Does your PBX system support virtualization? Have you considered running your PBX system in the Cloud? Have you considered the benefits of any of these for your business? If any of this sounds interesting, you might want to check out 3CX Phone System. It is not only virtualizable, it is not only Cloud ready, but they even offer it as a hosted service in the Cloud. It is a PBX system that’s Cloud ERA ready.

3cx Phone SystemIf you have not got to read my previous review of 3CX VoIP Phone System, I would highly recommend you check it out at: In my previous post, I have covered how straight forward the installation was and how I got things running in my lab in no time, and the vast amount of features this simple PBX is offering. Now, as they have released V14 of their VoIP Phone System, 3CX has added tons of valuable features highlighted below:

  • Integrated Virtual PBX Server option
  • Completely redesigned Android client, it is a much slicker and seemed to be snappier on my Samsung Galaxy S5.
  • New iPhone client with integrated tunnel, I could not verify this as I don’t have an iPhone, but I am sure it will be appreciated by the Apple fans.
  • All clients: much faster response rate to calls due to push architecture
  • All smartphone clients: reduced battery usage, this is a big one for me, as it does not seems I ever have enough of juice in my phone to last the full day.
  • In built failover functionality
  • Scheduled Backup & Restore
  • Voice mail retention policies, I am sure your security auditor will love this one.
  • Space saving voice mail and recording file formats, this should make your storage guy happy.
  • New reporting engine with scheduled reports by email
  • Support for Office 365 contacts
  • Many new SIP Trunk providers added

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