Configure VBuzzer as a VOIP Provider in 3CX Phone System

After creating my previous post PBX in the Cloud, there was a small detail that grabbed a surprising attention from the community. I have mentioned that I have setup VBuzzer as a VOIP Provider in 3CX Phone System, and the only reason I did that was it was I had a  readily available VBuzzer account, but there seems a good amount of users interested in how I got VBuzzer to work as a VOIP Provider in 3CX, as it was one of the none out of the box providers and as I got the question from few different readers, I thought I will document how I have done it.

1- Make sure the following ports are forwarded in your firewall to your 3CX Phone System:

9000 – 9099

2- Using the ADD VOIP Provider Wizard, choose ‘Generic’ from the Country drop down menu and ‘Generic VOIP Provider’ from the Provider drop down menu. Click Next.

3CX add VBuzzer as a VOIP Provider

3- Configure the VOIP Provider general tab as in the below screenshot.

3CX VBuzzer SIP Configuration

– Extension Number: is the phone number assigned to you by VBuzzer

– Authenication ID: is your VBuzzer username

– Authenication Password: is your VBuzzer user account password

– The rest of the field fill them exactly the same as in the above image.

4- In the VOIP Provider tab, you can leave the rest of the tabs to the default.

5- In order for me to be able to connect my Android 3CX soft IP phone from the internet to my 3CX Phone System and start dialing all over the place over VBuzzer, I had to do few extra changes as below:

  • On my firewall forward the following extra ports UDP/TCP to my 3CX system: 5000, 80, 443
  • On the extensions tab make sure to configure the extensions you want to use remotely/over the internet to allow the extensions to work from outside the LAN by unchecking ‘disallow use of extension outside the LAN’ as in the below screenshot.
  • 3CX Systems Phone Disallow use of extension outside the LAN

Hope this help you guys get your setup working.

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