VMware ESX 4.0 FT – Fault Tolerant – Sneak Peek

VMware innovations in operation continuity will be glowing in VMware ESX 4.0.In addition to the current high availability of VMware ESX Server, the software will inherit a function of fault tolerance.Today, VMware High Availability (HA) provides rapid restart of virtual machines in their last known state on a different ESX server, in case the physical server hosting them face a failure.

With VMware FT (Fault Tolerance), the system provides synchronous replication of protected VMs on two different servers.The application continues to function without interruption on the secondary server if the primary server comes to fail.For additional security measure, this cloned VM is automatically replicated to a third server, as the first server is not repaired, to maintain the availability of the VM if the second server also came to the same problem.

Meanwhile, the launch of VMware FT, the only real solution for fault tolerance available in virtualized environment remains hidden and not announced. Thought it was of a great deal that I thought I will share it with everyone, even before it hit the market. To get you more exited about VMware FT check out the below VMware FT Video:

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VMware News: Features of the new VMware ESX 4.0

VMware is already testing the beta version of the new ESX 4.0. Among the features offered are:

– 64-bit Kernel and COS: Although Virtual Machine Monitor already does, VMware carries its products completely in 64 bits;
– Virtual Center clusters: We are not referring to MSCS support for Virtual Center, but about the distributed management of the virtualized infrastructure across multiple ESXs;
– Profile management of ESX servers;
– Cross-platform virtual networking: Virtual switches may be defined in the entire infrastructure rather than in each switch, as was the case until now. Networking settings can be applied to the ENTIRE virtual infrastructure.
– SMP support for as much as 8 vCPU;
– VM fault tolerance for multiple hosts—last year’s famous Continuous Availability solution; Check out more details of FT & A video of it at VMbloggie article at: VMware ESX 4.0 FT – Fault Tolerant – Sneak Peek

– VM and media library (ISOs and more): Provides library support for templates and virtual machines. Versioning capacity of virtual machines is also expected;
– Control of access to storage: Until now, due to license administration, access to VMFS could not be controlled. The new version supports this new feature;
– Management and monitoring of configuration changes;
– Full support for SATA, and
– Support for the new Six Core processors.… Read More