VMware Cloud Director Service Initial Availability

We have just announced the Cloud Director Service Initial Availability, where the first region would be VMC on AWS US West for now. There is a plan to expand this globally in the near future. Stay tune for a Cloud Director Service to be available in VMC on AWS region near you!!

So what is this all about? We are bringing the same Cloud Director our Cloud Providers and End customers love to VMC on AWS for now and other hyperscalers in the future. This will mainly be offered through our VMware Cloud Providers to their customers as a manged service. Here is few use cases I can see for this:

1- Asset Light Cloud Providers: New cloud providers who don’t want to operate or own their own datacenters, but still want to offer services based on our leading Cloud Provider stack. Now they can easily do that and have the infrastructure installed and managed by VMware!!

2- Geo Expansion: Cloud Providers who want to expand in a Geo where they don’t operate their own infrastructure. Again they can use Cloud Director Service in there to expand in that Geo. You can as well federate between your local Cloud Director and Cloud Director Service setups, so your customers don’t hub portals or have to worry where their service is coming form.… Read More