Oracle Ditches Virtual Iron & VMware offering ‘safe passage’ to Virtual Iron users

Only after a bit over a month of Oracle acquiring Virutal Iron, they have to ditches the product. That mean customers who had already bought Virtual Iron or planning to buy it will be left in the dark waiting for a savior. It seems VMware has been well aware of the situation & prepared to be these customers savior. VMware has already even released a full guide on how to move from the Virtual Iron platform to VMware vSphere without a lot of hassle. They had been as well pushing their sales forces to educate Virtual Iron customer on making the decision of moving to VMware & how to facilatate the movement. If you are a Virtual Iron customer & planning to move to VMware, so you might be curious on how to do so below is the exact instructions as listed by VMware guide & hope it will safe some one from getting fired for the wrong decision in the current bad economy:

Using VMware Converter to convert Virtual Iron Machines to VMware virtual machines


This article provides details for convertingĀ Virtual Iron virtual machines to VMware virtual machines.
Virtual Iron virtual machines can be converted to VMware vSphere virtual machines using VMware Converter, enabling Virtual Iron migrations to VMware technology.
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VirtualBox: Is it a Necessity or a Gadget?

In recent days, a small software made its way to the little man in Ubuntu os: it is Virtual Box. Many articles have already been written on this subject and I will not dwell on its installation, or configuration. It is simply a virtual machine software as the famous VMware, except that the Virtual Box free although still proprietary software. But no matter, it is important to note that VirtualBox is much more reactive than its competitor while remaining very easy to configure and use. The writing of this note is to demonstrate – with no guarantee – the usefulness of this software under Ubuntu and Linux in general.

A large majority of Ubunters has already installed Wine to emulate (not really emulation, but it is understood better this way) MS Windows on their workstation. We all know that this software is far from perfect, often slower than a real Windows but not always, it helps to use a small range of software, some of which may not work. These are often software games like FPS or MMORPG, some poker rooms, especially Internet Explorer! Yes, IE! It is the most used browser in the world but also one of the least respectful of web standards, then the poor webmasters and CSS experts who need to verify that this browser will not display anything incorrectly over 80% of the world’s computers.… Read More