Free StarWind iSCSI SAN Training/Webinar

StarWind has asked me if I can share this info about their upcoming free Free StarWind iSCSI SAN Training/Webinar titled “Your Way to Complete Storage Redundancy!”. I thought as many of you will be looking at creating your own virtual storage for home lab or even at work you might want to look at their Webinar as it seems to be covering how to do it step-by-step. StarWind Virtual storage is actually one of the two virtual storage types I have at my home lab & it work quite well that make me believe SMB can turn an old server into a powerful virtual storage as long it has the sufficient disk capacity and speed to deliver up to the customer need. Below are the full details of this Webinar which it seems to me will be more of a free training than just a webinar as per the session explanation. I mean if it cover a step-by-step on how to do it, I would call it training!! I thought I will share¬† it as free training is always good to share.

StarWind iSCSI SAN
Your Way to Complete Storage Redundancy!

Live webinar on Thursday, December 15
4:00 PM GMT / 11:00 AM EST

Join Anatoly Vilchinsky as he demonstrates simple step-by-step instructions for building your own SAN or centralized, networked storage by using standard off-the-shelf x86 hardware or even a repurposed server running Windows.

You will also learn how to:

  • Turn a standard Windows server into a Highly-Available Fault-Tolerant SAN within minutesSimplify Backups and Replication
  • Improve Network Performance
  • Increase availability and protect your data assets

Event Registration Link:

I hope you all get to benefit from this free event, & please leave your comment below of how the event went. Was it useful or did it mess the point you wanted to see. Your feedback will always help :).

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