Watch The Virtually Famous Video Contest Winner- VMware Virtualized Hardware Hotel

VMware had organized a contest so that the users of their products could demonstrate by means of a video how VMware changed their lives… and the way they work.
For all the people with a few years in technology, they know that VMware with no doubt is the most innovating technology of the last decade for the x86 environments and for which we work with day to day.

Virtualization with VMware always have been spoken of with emotion and enthusiasm. As VMware has been the first player in the X86 Virtualization market, they have further combined many features & possibilities of Virtualization around their Virtual Infrastructure product on very fast basis. All that helped them amaze everyone with their products.

As VMware has continually amazed their customers with their products, many of the contest videos came to be amazing. As most of you won’t have the time to watch it all, we thought at least to show the winner video on our blog. The winning video is VMware Virtualized Hardware Hotel which is showing below. Enjoy it.

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