Who’s Really Stuck in the IT Past? VMware vs Microsoft?

I have been enjoying my weekend, when a tweet popped on my Twitter that pointed out to Paul Rubens article titled: Microsoft or VMware — Who’s Really Stuck in the IT Past? which was a respond by Paul on a video released earlier by Microsoft “Don’t get stuck in the IT Past” which can be found at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hewedqvSWaI

The Microsoft video was really disturbing, but the first thing that got on my mind after watching it was the old quote: “If your house is made of glass don’t throw stones on others”. The great part Paul Rubens article agreed exactly with that quote. I really recommend reading Paul Rubens article found at: Microsoft or VMware — Who’s Really Stuck in the IT Past which give a totally independent view of the video as he is not a VMware nor Microsoft employee unlike the video maker as well he is totally independent of both companies. I believe Paul Rubens article was a great respond to the video, but below are just few reminders for people watching the video.

1- Microsoft still build their hypervizor based on their Operating System, just like they do for any other Solution Microsoft produce. Have Microsoft not looked into the future, where Operating Systems will not be as important & solutions that are Operating Systems independent will have a better chance of surviving. Or is it just all about the Operating System Battle?

2- For the most critical workloads large enterprise has always used a Unix/Linux based systems, rather than Windows. Therefore when a businesses are looking to move their critical work load to virtualization & Cloud Computing a Hypervizor with a Windows based might not be the best combinations.

3- I don’t know what is the big deal of Microsoft owning their Public Cloud, where they try to lock their customers into a Microsoft Own Cloud. I believe giving customers the options to host with one of the many Public Cloud Vendors that enabled by VMware which share the same frametools will give the customers an Edge on obtaining a better pricing & choosing SLA that fit them best. Further, it will enable portability for the customer to move to a different provider or even back to his private Cloud when required rather being stuck at a Proprietary cloud.

At the end of this article, I would ask everyone watching the video to think of the points above as well to go through Paul Rubens article titled: “Microsoft or VMware — Who’s Really Stuck in the IT Past?. As usual, please leave comments & feed back in the comments area below.

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