VMware ESX & ESXi Connections & ports

While preparing for my VMware Design Exam, I have stumbled upon this great pdf that document VMware ESX & ESXi connections & ports in details. It even cover the connections & ports for VMware additional components like VMware Update Manager & vCenter Converter.  Although many documents do the same, what got my attention is all this are fitted into one detailed compact image. I though this document will be useful for many others planning to take the exam, or even Virtualization Experts who just want to design their network & adopt for the ports they need to open through firewall. Below is a small foot print of the image. To download the document just hit on the image below.

VMware ESX & ESXi Connections & ports


  1. Jeff Snavely says

    Nice. Now I have the desire to remake it in a format that doesn’t make my head hurt.

  2. Hi Jeff,

    Maybe you can print it in a large scale & post it on you office wall. I have been thinking of doing this for a while, though we have a policy that stop us from doing that at our office. Maybe I will have to break the rule one day :).


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