VirtualBox: Is it a Necessity or a Gadget?

In recent days, a small software made its way to the little man in Ubuntu os: it is Virtual Box. Many articles have already been written on this subject and I will not dwell on its installation, or configuration. It is simply a virtual machine software as the famous VMware, except that the Virtual Box free although still proprietary software. But no matter, it is important to note that VirtualBox is much more reactive than its competitor while remaining very easy to configure and use. The writing of this note is to demonstrate – with no guarantee – the usefulness of this software under Ubuntu and Linux in general.

A large majority of Ubunters has already installed Wine to emulate (not really emulation, but it is understood better this way) MS Windows on their workstation. We all know that this software is far from perfect, often slower than a real Windows but not always, it helps to use a small range of software, some of which may not work. These are often software games like FPS or MMORPG, some poker rooms, especially Internet Explorer! Yes, IE! It is the most used browser in the world but also one of the least respectful of web standards, then the poor webmasters and CSS experts who need to verify that this browser will not display anything incorrectly over 80% of the world’s computers. However, many applications still reluctant to run properly, and to use less elbow grease and master configuration files in Wine, the game does not really worth the candle and a dual Boot remains indispensable.

The ultimate solution is therefore to go through VirtualBox. But why, and especially for whom?
As for players in any case, no interest in graphics memory allocated by VirtualBox, limited to 32 128MB, does not allow to run such applications and therefor all the resources of your 3D graphics card will not be exploited, However, fans of poker or other games of reflection or strategy will be delighted. Rather, it is on the side of professionals that VirtualBox risk of spread to speed V.

Indeed, apart from the limitations mentioned above, nothing now prevents companies to migrate under Ubuntu and retain their commercial applications and other software packages. In addition, the options offered by virtualization, simplify backups and maintenance of guest operating systems. It is therefore an extremely productive environment, simple, fast to implement. Provide Å work and a relatively low cost (VirtualBox requires a licence in the case of professional use). Bet that SMEs, artisans and other merchants will make the best use of this tool & Ubuntu in the very near future, and I am sure, it will be the first free operating system to invade our offices for our satisfaction… to all.

As usually a picture can tell what a 1000 words can not do. Below is an image of windows running in Virtual Box on Ubuntu. Enjoy !!!

Please leave a comment of your experience with similar setups and count it as a vote toward it !!!!

Virtual Box Windows Ubuntu Linux


  1. I read similar article also named VirtualBox: Is it a Necessity or a Gadget?, and it was completely different. Personally, I agree with you more, because this article makes a little bit more sense for me

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  4. Great news man ! ! ! keep up the good work . . and i have just subscribed 🙂

  5. Virtualbox is a necessity for a few and a gadget for the others.

    It affords you the opportunity to test out new software without risking your existing install.

    It also allows Linux users who have a significant investment in Windows software to continue using said software.

    For Linux newbies migrating from Windows to Linux, it is a sheer necessity. You can try different distro’s from within Windows to see which one’s you like, then use a virtualbox or virtual machine to run windows from within Linux until you learn your way around.


    If you use a USB mouse, keyboard, printer, or flash item, none of them will work.

    There is supposed to be a pay version that will allow you to use USB, but there is no mention of a download link on their web site.

  6. Virtualization Lover says

    it is a Necessity. I can’t stand using a Linux box which does not run Virtual Box any more. Its really a must & believe will have a great future.

  7. Ermmm Zolar, why would you care if you were using a USB mouse or keyboard? Those things are controlled by the host OS anyway. USB is supported by the PUEL (non-opensource) version but I could never get it working properly on an OpenSolaris host. Now I am running the opensource version on FreeBSD so I have to do without USB or VRDP support, no big deal, other network-based methods are better if not more handy at times imho.

  8. VirtualBox is a good option to start your desktop virtualization experience. I have written a post about 8 advantages of VirtualBox than VMware workstation, just check it out.

  9. wow nice post mate thanks.

  10. You welcome Anuj, keep coming back.

  11. Yes it depends on the use of Virtual Box but I find it really useful tool to have desktop virtualization and gain advantages of it. BTW very nice post.

  12. If you want to start your experience in desktop virtualization VirtualBox is a good option to start.

  13. MJ Haider says

    I think Virtualbox is a necessity. For desktop virtualization it’s really a necessity.

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