Videos on the new version of Hyper V and Hyper V Server

It seems as though virtualization never ceases to be in the news. Today, I have some videos on the new version of Windows 2008 Hyper V, which will be available with the launch of Windows Server 2008 R2, whose latest feature (and criticism) is changing cluster nodes without losing power. Also called “Live Migration”, this is a significant improvement of “Quick Migration”, which directed the virtual machine to the live node but restarted it. It’s quite interesting to see how an end user sees no interruption in service during the movement of virtual machines between nodes when using Live Migration which is going to be the replacement for quick migration. Check out the Video below to see Live migration in action & check out Hyper-V Live migration vs Quick migration post to find out more about the difference between them .

Another good video of Live migration can be seen below:

I also have a video on Hyper V Server, a version of Windows Server 2008 that only includes the Hyper V role. What are the benefits? It’s completely free. What about the disadvantages? You cannot cluster as a service (the virtualized machine itself can be part of a cluster). It will be available in a month or so. Check out the Hyper-V Server Video Check it out below.

Thanks to David Carrasco for inspiring this article.


  1. […] I have just came across a very interesting post at Virtualization Team Blog. They have claimed that Hyper-V Live Migration will be available soon. This is a lot sooner than expected by VMware & most people in the IT industry. They have even backed up their claims of video of the Hyper-V Live Migration Testing & the New Hyper-V Server. The Video can be found at Hyper-V Live Migration & Hyper V New Server Video. […]

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