Tripwire Config check for ESX

Tripwire config check for ESX is a nice Free tool to come! Tripwire Config check review the configurations of your Physical & VMware systems based on your specific needs! Tripwire ConfigCheck is designed to sift through the hundreds of configuration settings within VMware’s ESX Server and identify those that are not set according to VMware’s recommendations.

At the end of your scan, you get a nice list of all successful and unsuccessful tests with a very good and detailed explanation! Further more The tool also provides guidelines that users can follow to fix the problems, if they choose to do so. For more information and to download the tool check on Tripwire’s

Very Cool Tool. More over its free. Try it out!!!

VMware Tripwire config check tool


  1. Tripwire has released ConfigCheck for ESX 3.0. One of the most frequent requests we had concerning Tripwire ConfigCheck was the ability to monitor ESX 3.0.x. Wanting to make sure that ESX 3.0 admins had the same capabilities to ensure secure configuration of the Hypervisor against the VMware Hardening Guidelines, we added this support. In addition, we updated the supporting remediation advice for 3.0 detailing all the steps, if different from ESX 3.5, to get the configurations up to a known and trusted state.

    Tripwire ConfigCheck for ESX 3.0 is now available for download at:


  2. Austin C. says

    Am I the only one VERY disappointed in the free version of Tripwire’s ConfigCheck. It tells me nothing that a good SysAdmin wouldn’t already know. As a Linux SysAdmin I see no real advantage to it. other than that it may save me a little time. I had questions regarding the tool which I posed to Tripwire (i.e. Why are they wanting NTP server names placed in the /etc/host file without IP addresses, completely breaking the /etc/host convention, only to have the test fail no matter what I place in there.). The reason ConfigCheck is free is because that is what it is worth. I work for a multi billion dollar defense contractor, am I interested in the Enterprise version? Yes. Will we buy it? Heck no, not if what I see with the free version and their example of tech support is an example.

  3. Hi Austin C,

    I highly agree with your comment. Though, did you know 70% of administrators still miss out on the points Tripwire ConfigCheck free version point out. It seems there’s a lot of people who still to be Linux ignorance, and a similar product can do very well for them. If you are a Linux security admin, you might be able to do better than the software in checking your ESX security.

    The part I had a problem with Tripwire, Than I never were able to get a trail version of their Enterprise product yet, to review it. For that I can’t still suggest it to anyone neither the company I work with. I mean unless they provide people with a trial of the final product, how people can decide on how good its.


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