How to solve installation problems of VMware Server on Ubuntu

The other day, Andres asked Josep Ros a question about Ubuntu and VMware. Since Josep Ros know absolutely nothing about Ubuntu, they asked Albert Mas for help. As the wise man says, knowing everything is not as important as knowing the phone number of someone who does.

“Hello Josep,

I am having trouble with VMware and Ubuntu and am not able to solve the problem myself. I was able to fix some errors but have come across one that I have no idea how to fix. Can you help me? Thanks in advance.

-Andres Lamelas”

This is what Albert Mas suggested, and it worked:

“I tried, unsuccessfully, to reproduce the error several ways. The problem is that you’re using the latest version of VMware Server, Version 1.07, which does not work with new kernels. We therefore have to use some patches from Version 1.06 that can work with both versions.

Thus, we can do two things:

1. Use the patches that are available on this site:

2. Install VMware again, following the steps outlined in my blog:

in section:

If on the contrary, you have no VMware Server installed and we want to install it on Ubuntu 8.04, you will have to do the following …

Remember that where you put VMware 1.05, you must remove 1.06.

In the same post, you can find solutions to all problems that I encountered.

Finally, once you have Version 1.06 running smoothly, you can update to Version 1.07 without problems.

– Albert Mas”

In the end, Andres Lamelas wrote:

“The information was very helpful. I downloaded version 1.5; I updated it to 1.6 as Albert suggested, and I executed a file that described how to reconfigure VMware. Thank you Josep and Albert.”

Nice…yet another happy ending! 🙂

Thanks to Josep Ros for inspiring the content of this article.


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