How-To Install Windows XP on VMware ESX:

Again and again the question about how to install Windows XP on VMware ESX platform pop up? The fact that VMware uses a separate SCSI controller for the virtual machines and that causes windows error message similar to the following to appear on the screen while windows copying its files during the installation:

Installation failed no hard drives found.

Make sure that all hard drives are turned on and properly connected to the computer, and that all hardware settings for the hard disk drives controller are correct. This may require you to run a diagnostic or installation program by the manufacturer.

The installation can not continue. Press the F3 key to cancel the installation

The cause of the problem is that Windows XP require the SCSI Driver while the installation is running. You can download the required driver from here

To approach the installation after downloading the driver mentioned above:

1. Power on the Virtual Machine with the Windows XP CD mounted. Important, don’t map the SCSI driver floppy image yet.
2. As soon the setup start & windows in the small blue bar at the bottom mention to press F6 for additional SCSI driver. Press F6 to be able to upload the downloaded driver.
3. Now the time for the downloaded floppy disk image has came. Using “VMware Infrastructure client” mount the driver disk. After that press “Z” for “additional equipment” and few times “Enter”.
4. The installation can now be continued as usual. Do not forget that after completion you need to unmount the ISO and FLP images and then install the VMware Tools.

LSI Logic Controller Driver can be found at or you can directly downloaded from and unpack it. Then use Winimage to put the drivers for LSI20320-R controller in a floppy image “LSILogic.flp”.

That’s all to it.




  1. slow internet says

    Useful article. These things really help to increase user experience on windows Xp. I also wrote an article about few days ago on squidoo. We both are writing about the same topic, no?

  2. Clemencia Menjes says

    I have been attempting to help try this to my personal Personal computer but I find it difficult to appear to do it. Did you know of a great pc place that could complete this for me personally?

  3. Unfortunately, the link to doesn’t work anymore. I haven’t been able to find a correct driver in the last few days I’ve been searching.

    I’m attempting to install x64 Windows XP SP3 on VMWare. I’ll update when I find a solution.

  4. Meanwhile, I have found a correct driver, both for 64 bit and 32 bit. I packaged both in a ready-made FLP image. If you want to try it, here’s how to install Windows XP 64 bit on VMware, hope it helps someone.

    There’s also a post on 32-bit XP on the same blog.

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