Citrix XenServer Enterprise for free

After the News that the bomb had been launched by

Citrix has officially released their enterprise version for free check out the announcement at Citrix XenServer Enterprise for free:

“First of all Citrix is releasing for free the Enterprise Edition of XenServer.

This is not a scaled down, limited version of the Hypervisor. From the end of March on, there will be only one edition of XenServer which will be free.

Secondarily, Citrix is giving away for free with a remarkable number of XenServer enterprise features, including the Enterprise Console to manage multiple hosts (XenCenter), the live VM migration (XenMotion) technology, the resource sharing (Resource Pools) technology and the enterprise storage management technology.

They make a very interesting comparative table to discuss these new free technologies VMware ESXi & Citrix XenServer, as you know, it is also free:

citrix xenserver vs vmware esxi

To continue the game! Let’s see if we are free to sail! 🙂

The Metaframe is not going to be free, is it? 🙂 It will not even be asked to …

How come Citrix has not drawn a competition table between its product & Hyper-V which is free as well, is the join venture with Microsoft the reason!!! More details will be on here as well in near future.

More details about this will be published in here soon. Please stay tuned.

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