VKernel AppVIEW 1.0 is available immediately for free download

After having a look at VKernel Capacity View few days back, I have decided to give a look at VKernel AppVIEW 1.0. AppView 1.0 is VKernel latest free product. Where VKernel Capacity View looks at hosts, AppVIEW looks at individual application VMs to monitor and diagnose for such things as capacity bottlenecks and resource optimization.

VKernel appview Dashboard

VKernel AppView 1.0 help you monitor how well is your applications are performing on the most important 5 VMs in your Virtual enviornment. Limiting you to monitor the application on 5 VMs might seems limiting, but hey it suppose to be for your most important VMs & remember its a free product so it should have a limitation.

VKernel AppView 1.0 will ensure you can answer the following questions about how your most important VMs are performing:

  • Are VMs having performance problems?
  • Which resources are causing potential performance problems?
  • AppVIEW provides current and thirty day historical visibility to potential CPU, memory, disk and storage I/O bottlenecks for your top five application VMs. As priorities change, you can change to a different application VM and start collecting data immediately.

Although VKernel AppView 1.0 point you out to your VMs performance problems, you will need to combine it with VKernel Optimization Pack and VKernel Capacity Analyzer to be directed on how to resolve these issues. Please note that VKernel Optimization Pack and VKernel Capacity Analyzer are not free, but at least you don’t have to buy anything till you had the diagnoses & sure that you require them.

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