Resource Actions does not show up in vRealize Automation 6.2.1

I had an instance of vRealize Automation 6.2 with few resource actions that were built under Advanced Services with things like take snapshot and move VMs to a different folder in vCenter. These were working like a charm in vRealize Automation 6.2, but as soon I upgraded to 6.2.1 they stopped showing in the items actions menu. I have re-checked my configuration and tried few additional resource actions with no luck.

After a bit of research I have found out that its a known problem caused by a bad DLL within the 6.2.1 and its easy to fix by following KB2111713. I have as well happen to be able to reproduce the same issue with a fresh install of vRA 6.2.1, so if your resource actions does not show up in the actions menu, although you have done all the right steps KB2111713 or the step below is your way to fix it.

1- Download the new DLL by following the download link in KB2111713, the download name is, where it includes a single DLL file which in turn called  “DynamicOps.Api.v61.dll".

2- Stop all of your vRA IaaS Services in the following order: 1- Proxy Agents 2- DEMs, 3- DEM Orchestrator 4- vCloud Automation Center Manager service

3- Backup your old DynamicOps.Api.v61.dll found at C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\vCAC\Web API\bin by copying it to a different location. Don’t just rename it!

4- Overwrite your old “DynamicOps.Api.v61.dll” by the new copy that you have just downloaded

5- Start your vRA IaaS services in the following order: 1- vCloud Automation Center Manager service 2- DEM Orchestrator 3- DEMs, 4- Proxy Agents.

6- Test your Resource Actions and you should have it working by now.

vRealize Automation Custom Actions are working again

Hope this help!


  1. Hi Eiad,

    Have a 6.2.1 install that i updated to 6.2.2 but still seem to have this issue, will try this fix out to see if it sorts it. Thanks for the tip!


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