VMware View PCoIP Client on Ubuntu is finally here

If you are an Ubuntu user like I am, a VMware View PCoIP Client for Ubuntu has been long waited for. Unfortunately, officially it still not released by VMware so if you want the official release then you just have to wait. Though if you are looking for a work around then its here, and you don’t need to get stuck with the disastrous RDP protocol. Before I mention anything further, how about watching the below video as a teaser. A real teaser!

Yes, its what you just saw in the video VMware View Client with PCoIP is currently running on my Ubuntu Natty Narwhal 64-bit. It works like a charm. And no I am not leaking a new VMware View Client from VMware, that I can not share with you. I am pretty sure the development team has this kind of client in their mind, but I have no clue when and where it will happen or what it will look like . Till then, this work around can make our life much easier than sticking with RDP. If I have teased you enough, I am sure you are looking on how I have done this and looking at how short this post you probably figured out I am not showing that in here, but I have documented this on the  Linux 2 Aix Blog in details and can be found at:

VMware View PCoIP on Ubuntu How to

I have decided to share the instructions on a Linux blog as I believe its where it should belong and where more Ubuntu users will be searching. I hope I am right about it, & any way I still made my readers a favor in here by pointing them to it. As usual please leave your comments, feedback, and success stories in the comments area below.

What About VMware View PCoIP for Mac & Other Linux Distros?

I will still suggest you check out VMware View PCoIP on Ubuntu How to, as I believe it should be able to put you at the right direction to get VMware View PCoIP for Mac & Other Linux Distros working or at least get you started.

Good Luck for all of you!!


  1. Another option for improving performance when using VMWare View from a Linux machine is with Ericom Blaze, a software-based RDP acceleration and compression product that provides improved performance over WANs and other slow networks. Besides delivering higher frame rates and reducing screen freezes and choppiness, Blaze accelerates RDP performance by up to 25 times, while significantly reducing network bandwidth consumption especially over low-bandwidth/high latency connections.

    Users with devices that support the VMware View PCoIP client can connect using PCoIP. Users with Linux devices, for which there is no official PCoIP client, can use VMware View with the Blaze Linux client over RDP.

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