VMware View Client for Android Tablets is here

For all of those Android Tablets fans who had a VMware View environment and wanted to connect to, but had no official VMware View Client that support Android this post is carrying out the good news to you. Now VMware has officially released a VMware View Client for Android Tablets, which finally will give us the same functionality iPAD users has enjoyed for a while. I believe now I can move on and buy an Android Tablets my self and be sure it will work with VMware View with the full functionality without any problem. Getting the VMware View Client up and running on your Android tablet is nothing more than a quick visit to your Android Market and download the client from there. You hear it correctly, VMware has just pushed the VMware View Client into the Android Market for ease of availability.

Below are few things to know about the new VMware View Client for Android Tablets:

* It has quite similar functionality to the iPad VMware View Client release about 6 months back leaving Android tablet users with jealousy of not having the same option. Well, guess what now Android users can enjoy the same.

* The new Android VMware View Client support Honeycomb Android 3.0 and above. So any of these new Android tablets should get your rolling in no time.

* The Client is running PCoIP (so you know the performance will rock)

* Few Keys that is normally does not exist in an Android Keyboard and required in Windows like Ctrl, Alt, Shift, Delete & so on has been added when running the VMware View Client on Android tablet to ensure the user can have a full control and can enjoy the full experience of his full desktop.

* TouchPad has been added to allow the users to have a full control of the cursor, which function in a similar manner to the track pad of a laptop and its somehow transparent to avoid interference with the contents found on the display screen.

* Users will be able to quickly move between VMware View environment and Android environment without having to close the VMware View/windows enviornement he is connected to. This will be very handy if the user need to access data or programs from the two different environments at the same time.

Before you jump to your Android tablets or you might still need a bit more of a prove before you buy one, then you can watch the below movie to have a preview of how VMware View Client for Android work.

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