VMware APPBlaster to change the Operating System game

If you have not heard of VMware APPBlaster yet, then its worth noting it is a technology that will enable users to access any application on any operating system as long they have a browser that support HTML 5. The usages of this technology will be limitless. Imagine running MS Visio 2010 on MAC or on Linux without having to install any client/agent or software. It will run directly into your web browser just as it was running directly on your machine. Check out the below Video of Scott Davis (VMware End User Computing CTO) presenting VMware APPBlaster at VMworld 2011 in Las Vegas.

This Technology will definitely change the importance of which operating system you use. At the moment the Operating System you use will govern what applications you can run. The more applications an Operating System is compatible with the more chance it will succeed. This will be irrelative in the future, as no matter what OS you run you still be apple to run any application you desire and all you need to do that is a web browser. Another fun concept to read is how this well help people to shift to lighter OSes that based on a browser like Google Chrome OS. An interesting article on that can be found on:

Will VMware AppBlaster Save Google chrome netbook and the similar?

For me it has been quite interesting to see how VMware is again affecting the operating systems game. Few years back the Operating System used to control the hardware vendors and resource management. Today the Hypervisor control most of these way more than the OS does. Today, the applications you want to use is what make you choose a certain OS. Tomorrow with AppBlaster and similar technologies, the applications you want to use will not dedicate what OS have to use. Who know maybe we will reach one day where you will not need an OS at all!!

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