vCloud Director 9.0 is Ready for Download

vCloud Director 9.0 has been announced at VMworld with some exciting enhancements. I am positive most of our VCPP (VMware Cloud Partner Program) partners will be looking forward to many of these features. Just in case you have missed it, VCPP (VMware Cloud Partner Program) is the new name for the VCAN(vCloud Air Network) Program. In this post, I will be covering few of the spotlight features of vCD 9.0.

Before I start, I want to highlight that’s while many vCD releases in the past few years were more progressive, this one is more on revolutionary side. I would highly recommend service providers to start evaluating vCD 9.0, as soon it released out not to be left being none competitive with those who upgrade. The difference this time is not hidden in the API, but include major changes in the UI interface as well. Read below for more details, and download the bits at vCloud Director 9.0 Download Link to start testing it out in your labs.

  • Modernized HTML5 interface. vCloud Director 9.0 comes with a new much slicker and smoother graphical interface for the tenant portal based on HTML5 which is an evolution from the previous Flex graphical interface. While this one might not be in parity with the Flex version in version 9.0, which is why the Flex version will still be available in parralel, it will include  the most frequently used functionality.

vCD 9 HTML5 GUI Interface

vCloud Director 9 HTML5 vs Flex


  • Simplified User Experience: The change to HTML5 interface is not only a face lift, but will speed up/simplify tasks. For example, a VM deployment with the Flex interface can take about 7 wizard screens as in the below screenshots, now in vCD 9.0 can be done in one wizard screen. This will increase efficiency and make the solution more appealing to customers. vCloud Director 9 simplified User interface
  • Virtual Machines as a First Class Citizen in vCloud Director 9.0.  Prior to vCD 9.0, the smallest unit of deployment in vCloud Director was vAPP. Even if all the customer wanted to deploy is a simple single VM directly connected to the OrgvDC network, he had to go through the full step of creating an empty vAPP. In vCloud Director 9.0, this is changing and customers will be able to request VMs in the future without having to request vAPPs simplifying things and increasing adoption. Below is a screenshot of how that will look like.

Virtual machines as a first class citizen in vCloud Director 9

  • T-Shirt Sizing OOTB, The ability to offer T-shirt size for request VMs in vCD has been popular for a long time, but in the past, it meant a costly customization. vCD 9.0 will offer T-shirt size drop down menu out of the box which will be a welcomed changed by many of our partners! Check what that look like in the below screenshot.

vCD 9 T-shirt sizing

  • Metrics and Monitoring data available in the GUI, Just another function that was API only in the past is making it to the UI OOTB in vCD 9.0! Oh, and this does not require vROPs to work, though it is not as extensive as vROPs for sure, so most customer will have space for both, where this can be offered for free, and the more extensive vROPs will be a paid addon!

vCD 9 metrics and monitoring data in the UI out of the box


  • UI Extensibility. If all of the above UI enhancement did not impress you yet, then hopefully this one will. Now you will have the ability to modify vCD UI by adding tabs and actions to fit your need. This will allow you to embed your own special offering into the vCD portal itself giving a consistent experience to your users!
  • Simple and Secure Cloud Migration. vCloud Director 9.0 includes the critical feature vCloud Director Extender (HCE) – a simple, free, vCenter plugin that allows VMware customers worldwide to connect directly to their Cloud Provider’s vCloud Director environment for workload migration and L2 extension (NSX not required on-prem).
  • VMware Cloud Provider Platform – a tested, validated, and provider-scale combination of VMware’s SDDC stack (including vSphere, NSX, and vSAN) along with critical Cloud Provider solutions (vCloud Director, vCloud Usage Meter, vCloud Availability) – enables providers worldwide to efficiently leverage VMware’s best of breed software-defined technology in order to accelerate the time to market of their own unique, value-added services.
  • Multi-Site Support.  In the past, service providers had to come up with their own custom solution if they wanted to federate vCloud Director Sites to allow their customers to deploy to different Geos for example. vCD 9.0 is introducing the capabilities to associate/federate different vCD sites together out of the box. I already know of few service providers in my region who will be excited about this one.
  • Enhanced NSX integration, While vCD 8.20 has introduced NSX Distributed firewall integration, vCD 9.0 this one step further by adding the ability to define security groups based not only on IP Sets, but based on Org vDC, Network Name, Virtual App, Virtual Machine Name and existing security groups. THe security Groups help add DFW policies dynamically to objects that match the group criteria which helps lower operation time admin spent in defining policies. Further, vCD 9 enhances the DLR integrations and will allow you to add DLR between the Org Networks and Edge gateways.
  • PostgreSQL (postgres) version 9.5 supported as vCloud Director Database.  vCD 9.0 added PostgresSQL support next to MSSQL and Oracle. As well introduced a new Cell Management Tool (CMT) that can help you migrate from MSSQL and Oracle to PostGreSQL.

What are you waiting for! Here is the download link, so you can start trying in it in your lab now!

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