Cloud Director App Launchpad Demo

Cloud Director App Launchpad enables Service Providers to offer a marketplace of applications within VMware Cloud Director. App Launchpad is a free plug-in for VMware Cloud Director that provides a user interface to easily access and launch applications from VMware Cloud Director content catalogs. Using App Launchpad, developers and DevOps engineers can launch applications to VMware Cloud Director in seconds.

 Bitnami supply over 120 pre-packaged Open Source applications that can be pushed to the App Launchpad marketplace in no time. It will allow VMware Cloud Providers to offer over 120 Open Source pre-packaged applications to their customers in no time.  

In this video, I will take you through a full demo of what the end tenant experience with the App Launchpad market place look in Cloud Director 10.1 look like, how to push a Bitnami application to App Launchpad, as well conclude with going through the Cloud Provider interface of the App Launchpad. 

If you are interested in how to deploy Cloud Director App Launchpad to the stage required before you can publish Bitnami applications to it as shown in the video, you can follow my previous post for a step by step instruction on how to deploy Cloud Director App Launchpad at: VMware Cloud Director App Launchpad 1.0 Step by Step Installation

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