vShield Zone – vShield App – vShield Edge – vShield EndPoint Required vSphere version

Lately vShield seems to gain much popularity due to all the security benefits it offer in a virtual environment. Further, the security concern of merging 10s and (maybe 100s in the near future) of VMs on the same host seems just to push the demand for similar security capabilities in the Enterprise.  It seems there is a lot of confusion on which version of vSphere you require to run vShield products. This has been specially raised up with vShield Zone being a part of vSphere Advanced Edition and above, & people assuming the rest of the vShield Family will only work with vSphere Advanced and above. To be honest I had the question about a week back from one of our partners, and I did not know the answer and was trying to look it up on the net. Though I had no official answer in any of our documentation even internal one but found multiple blogs that posted different answers. Though my colleague @wibrahim had an e-mail from our security team with the official answer that I would like to share it with you. First thanks to @wibrahim for sharing the info, & being kind enough to take the time and share the original e-mail with me.… Read More