Microsoft manages hyper-v & ESX Machines at the same time [is this a fact?]

Few days ago, Microsoft announced at the Microsot Management Summit 2008 launch of the beta of SCVMM (System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008), eagerly awaited in the market. This console management aims to make the shade of VMware VirtualCenter. According to Microsoft, the product is not only capable of handling both the VMs of Virtual Server 2005 R2 and hyper-v but also machines based on ESX.

Microsoft hopes to entice users (especially SMBs), especially those who chose VMware for a long time, to use its console to manage their VMs. The later would not need Virtual Center, or VMotion, one last point that still leaves dreamer, if we are to believe the numerous criticisms of QuickMotion, the equivalent VMotion at Microsoft, which is not the leader arrival.

Anyway, SVCMM integrates fine features, in addition to its early openness to heterogeneous environments, as the function and Resource Performance Optimization (PRO), which allows better management of the VMs according to customer needs.… Read More

VMware VMmark 1.1 published

These days, a new version of the popular VMware VMmark is being released. VMmark is a benchmark software of VMware used to see how much phy. Machines can afford! Many manufacturers, such as Sun Microsystems, HP and so on, publish these benchmarks.
In the new version 1.1 64-bit machines will be put to the tests.
We must be curious what the new version and the forthcoming test on the CPU’s Barcelone outcome will be!!!!!

Download here.Read More