VMware Fusion is a must for Mac Users

Boot camp was a great commer to the Mac, but that when it first came. VMware Fusion was a turning point for Mac users. I believe most of Mac users who found out about VMware Fusion has thrown their boot camp away and moved to VMware Fusion. If you still using Boot camp then consider watching the below video, and I know you will be on your way to the Fusion!!!!!!


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Watch The Virtually Famous Video Contest Winner- VMware Virtualized Hardware Hotel

VMware had organized a contest so that the users of their products could demonstrate by means of a video how VMware changed their lives… and the way they work.
For all the people with a few years in technology, they know that VMware with no doubt is the most innovating technology of the last decade for the x86 environments and for which we work with day to day.

Virtualization with VMware always have been spoken of with emotion and enthusiasm. As VMware has been the first player in the X86 Virtualization market, they have further combined many features & possibilities of Virtualization around their Virtual Infrastructure product on very fast basis. All that helped them amaze everyone with their products.

As VMware has continually amazed their customers with their products, many of the contest videos came to be amazing. As most of you won’t have the time to watch it all, we thought at least to show the winner video on our blog. The winning video is VMware Virtualized Hardware Hotel which is showing below. Enjoy it.

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Microsoft manages hyper-v & ESX Machines at the same time [is this a fact?]

Few days ago, Microsoft announced at the Microsot Management Summit 2008 launch of the beta of SCVMM (System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008), eagerly awaited in the market. This console management aims to make the shade of VMware VirtualCenter. According to Microsoft, the product is not only capable of handling both the VMs of Virtual Server 2005 R2 and hyper-v but also machines based on ESX.

Microsoft hopes to entice users (especially SMBs), especially those who chose VMware for a long time, to use its console to manage their VMs. The later would not need Virtual Center, or VMotion, one last point that still leaves dreamer, if we are to believe the numerous criticisms of QuickMotion, the equivalent VMotion at Microsoft, which is not the leader arrival.

Anyway, SVCMM integrates fine features, in addition to its early openness to heterogeneous environments, as the function and Resource Performance Optimization (PRO), which allows better management of the VMs according to customer needs.… Read More

Apple virtualization will allow Mac OS X Server on its machines…

Parallels Desktop … Apple has for long refused to cover its operating systems in virtualization. But today it seems that it has changed its mind.

Indeed, Apple is about to propose a special license with Leopard, which would allow you to install a copy of Mac OS X Server on a machine and then install additional copies of Mac OS X Server on the same machine . Of Course, you will have to get licenses for each copy installed…

One could therefore assume that it will be possible thanks to Parallels and VMWare to run Mac OS X in a virtual machine.

For the moment the license authorizes the virtualization of Mac OS X operating system only on machines certified by Apple…… Read More

VirtualBox: Is it a Necessity or a Gadget?

In recent days, a small software made its way to the little man in Ubuntu os: it is Virtual Box. Many articles have already been written on this subject and I will not dwell on its installation, or configuration. It is simply a virtual machine software as the famous VMware, except that the Virtual Box free although still proprietary software. But no matter, it is important to note that VirtualBox is much more reactive than its competitor while remaining very easy to configure and use. The writing of this note is to demonstrate – with no guarantee – the usefulness of this software under Ubuntu and Linux in general.

A large majority of Ubunters has already installed Wine to emulate (not really emulation, but it is understood better this way) MS Windows on their workstation. We all know that this software is far from perfect, often slower than a real Windows but not always, it helps to use a small range of software, some of which may not work. These are often software games like FPS or MMORPG, some poker rooms, especially Internet Explorer! Yes, IE! It is the most used browser in the world but also one of the least respectful of web standards, then the poor webmasters and CSS experts who need to verify that this browser will not display anything incorrectly over 80% of the world’s computers.… Read More

What’s new in VI3.5?

The VMware team few days back has a very short Webinar on “What’s New in VMware Infrastructure 3.5”. I have missed some of the points, but below are the most important things that have been raised:

vmware vi3.5 whats new

ESX Server 3.5 & 3i:
The 3i server will be next generation to the “normal” ESX a decisive strategic plan. End of the year, the first hardware manufacturer will start releasing servers with the 3i server pre-installed. The list price of 3i is $ 495 for 2 CPUs. In the long run, the ESX3i seems to be the replacement for ESX3 stripping the Service Console!

Distributed Power Management:
This feature is an enhancement for the existing DRS. It will power down unoccupiedphysical hosts (to spare electricity) and, power it on if necessary, again!

improved HA:
HA is now no longer limited to hardware failure of a physical hosts respond, but also hanging VMs restart. This will be implemented using the vmware-tools and the associated Heard beat. Thus, each supported VM OS is supported – it is allowed to be curious whether the thing in practice really works!

Storage VMotion:
So far VMotion was only between machines sharing the same storage. If you had to move a VM between different storages you had to turn off the VM then clone it (Basically required down time).
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Install SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 SP1 & Component Integration for Linux on Hyper-V

In this article, I am planning to cover how to Install SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 on Hyper-V, but what make it different than other articles that I will try to cover how to install the Hyper-V Component Integration for Linux as well Inject the Xen Hyper-Visor into the SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 which is running as a guest OS to try to show how to unleash the claimed performance of Linux on Hyper-V.

The reason behind me writing this article is that I came across many articles who show you how to install Hyper-V. Then many others which show how to install Linux as a guest OS on hyper-V, but I have not seen any that show you how to do the full install of Linux on hyper-V to include the Linux Component Integration for Hyper-V and Xen Hypervisor. In addition, I have came across many other articles which mention that being not easy such as Fedore Core 8 on Hyper-V not so easy as it seems and MS Hyper-V vs VMware VI3 , but they still have not mention how to do it to let us figure out how hard its. So I decided to try it out and post my experience and try to prove the opposite if possible, but If you want to head to the last few lines to find out the conclusion before going over the full article “yes, its not as easy as I thought Microsoft product would run.”… Read More