Microsoft Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is not too cheap

I was reading Manlio Vecchiet article “Microsoft’s new VDI licensing: VDI Suites” can be found here. I believe its quite misleading, but hey fair enough being a part of the Microsoft Marketing Team. I had left a comment on the article, but as it seems it had never made it on there. I thought I will post it on my blog & publish my opinion of the article.

It’s funny how Microsoft Virtualization Campaign is completely built on the word Free & lower Cost. I had never thought Microsoft main priority was ever to only produce a cheaper solution not a better one.

One thing bugged me in Manlio Vecchiet article is the claim that Microsoft VDI integrated with Citrix Broker will still cheaper than VMware View. As I am working for a partner of both VMware & Citrix I have seen many cases where Citrix Connection broker price alone was more expensive than the VMware View. So its insane to claim Citrix Connection broker in addition to Microsoft VDI will be a cheaper option.

In the other side, how complex will Microsoft Virtual Desktop Infrastrucure solution be. I mean watch out how many tools & how many servers you need to setup Microsoft VDI Solution in Manlio Vecchiet sentence “both new offerings include licenses for all the key technology components mentioned above when used in a VDI scenario: Hyper-V Server, System Center Virtual Machine Manager, System Center Configuration Manager, System Center Operations Manager, Remote Desktop Services (CAL) and MDOP”.… Read More

VMware Virtual Infrastructure 3 Demo

Many people know VMware by products as VMware Workstation or VMware Server but not many know the full power of the enterprise products of the company.

For these who are missing on the VMware Enterprise products amazing functionalities I will leave the following video for them (Unfortunately its only available in English) …..

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VMware wants to re-motivate its troops

VMware has announced several major improvements to its partnership program VMware VIP, which relates to nearly 10,000 partners around the world. The improvements include the Advantage+ Incentive Program, which offers higher margins to partners and reward their efforts with those concluded pro-actively sales of products and solutions VMware, sold to new customers or those who initiated negotiations even if another partner who makes the sale. VMware wants to make better use of its partners, but it is a wonder why this initiative? and why now?

From there you think that the No. 1 in the virtualization market is trying to re-motivate the troops who are increasingly hearing sirens of Microsoft and Citrix/Xen, it was a step … However, products VMware have still early to be too worried about, if one believes the craze still vivid of CIOs for ESX technologies.

Other improvements to the program are added, such as training partners to virtualization, or new marketing tools (emarketing online). … Read More

VMware Site Recovery Manager, Automated Virtualized DR

By June, Site Recovery Manager will be available. This product made by VMware is intended to simplify the planning and testing of the disaster recovery project.

According to VMware,

The planning of recovery after a disaster traditionally exposes companies to significant risk of prolonged failure because too cumbersome to implement, cumbersome and difficult to maintain tests

Recovery Site Manager, of course compatible with VI3 and Virtual Center, allows us to automate the DR, based on virtual servers created for the purposes of the DR.

VMware SRM is a small revolution because it allows not only to make an automatic failover for servers and storage between the main site and the site of DR, but also to conduct tests in real time, without impact on production. One way to verify that the DR part of infrastructure is fully operational and ready when needed …

VMware Site Recovery Manager is compatible with many software replication as 3PAR, Dell, EMC, FalconStor, Hitachi Data Systems, HP, IBM, LeftHand Networks and NetApp. SRM is compatible with most storage software, which makes it totally independent of equipment used in your DR.… Read More

Tivoli TSM guide to securing VMware

IBM provides an excellent Field Guide to safeguard VMware disk files with Tivoli TSM under VMware GSX (Linux) and VMware ESX for free download.

In addition to discussing general security issues it also address special tuning tips and useful information on the configuration. Absolutely marvelous!
This Field Guide, can be downloaded from here

Update: A new guide of how to setup TSM to backup VMware ESX using VMware Consolidated backup can be found at:
IBM Tivoli Storage Manager & VMware Consiledated Backup (VCB)
I hope these guides help you backup your VMware enviornment with VMware. If you need any more help, or just want to say thank you please leave it in the comment below.
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VMX Builder for VMware Player

Are you wondering how to create VMware Configuration Files for VMware Player, Then read below: has a simple configurator for VMware configuration files.

With Sanbarrow batch script it is very fast and easy to create a new configuration file for use in VMware player.

You can find more details here: VMX BuilderRead More

Tripwire Config check for ESX

Tripwire config check for ESX is a nice Free tool to come! Tripwire Config check review the configurations of your Physical & VMware systems based on your specific needs! Tripwire ConfigCheck is designed to sift through the hundreds of configuration settings within VMware’s ESX Server and identify those that are not set according to VMware’s recommendations.

At the end of your scan, you get a nice list of all successful and unsuccessful tests with a very good and detailed explanation! Further more The tool also provides guidelines that users can follow to fix the problems, if they choose to do so. For more information and to download the tool check on Tripwire’s

Very Cool Tool. More over its free. Try it out!!!

VMware Tripwire config check toolRead More

PDF for VMware’s Connection Broker has just been published

VMware has just published a big PDF with a very good step-by-step instructions for installing and configuring the new Virtual Desktop Broker Connection Manager (VDM) 2.1.

You can download the PDF here.Read More

VMware VMmark 1.1 published

These days, a new version of the popular VMware VMmark is being released. VMmark is a benchmark software of VMware used to see how much phy. Machines can afford! Many manufacturers, such as Sun Microsystems, HP and so on, publish these benchmarks.
In the new version 1.1 64-bit machines will be put to the tests.
We must be curious what the new version and the forthcoming test on the CPU’s Barcelone outcome will be!!!!!

Download here.Read More

Introduction To VMware Virtual Infrastructure 3 New Modules Distribution

As VMware has changed the way they distribute their Modules across their VMware VI3 versions, many IT Professionals are still wondering how the new distribution work. For that I have decided to post it on here. I hope it will be helpful for everyone. Please post any questions you have about this new distribution. For me it seems more sufficient than the earlier distribution? What do you think?

Overview of new VMware VI3 Infrastructure modules (License)Read More

Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V Release Candidate! …

Microsoft has spent an important steps in virtualization since it has announced the Release Candidate version of its a long waited Hyper-V. Already present in Windows 2008 Server Beta, this update (RC 0) Install on 2008 can see, a little more prepared for the final version that is evolving over time. Thus, Microsoft intends to take a sector already acquired by VMWare. Microsoft hopes to convince businesses to choose their virtualization solution, by partnering with large companies like Dell, AMD, Siemens, Intel, IBM… to improve the stability of its programs in all types of enviornments.

Microsoft has just announced a list of operating systems described as compatible and tested on Hyper-V which now includes Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2 (SP2), Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10, Windows Vista SP1 and Windows XP SP3.

You can find more information about Hyper-V at this address: Here
You can download the Release Candidate Hyper-V, only valid for 64-bit systems: Here! …)… Read More

How-To Install Windows XP on VMware ESX:

Again and again the question about how to install Windows XP on VMware ESX platform pop up? The fact that VMware uses a separate SCSI controller for the virtual machines and that causes windows error message similar to the following to appear on the screen while windows copying its files during the installation:

Installation failed no hard drives found.

Make sure that all hard drives are turned on and properly connected to the computer, and that all hardware settings for the hard disk drives controller are correct. This may require you to run a diagnostic or installation program by the manufacturer.

The installation can not continue. Press the F3 key to cancel the installation

The cause of the problem is that Windows XP require the SCSI Driver while the installation is running. You can download the required driver from here

To approach the installation after downloading the driver mentioned above:

1. Power on the Virtual Machine with the Windows XP CD mounted. Important, don’t map the SCSI driver floppy image yet.
2. As soon the setup start & windows in the small blue bar at the bottom mention to press F6 for additional SCSI driver. Press F6 to be able to upload the downloaded driver.… Read More

Solaris 10 (x86) under VmWare

I have this question often when talking about VMware. IS Solaris 10 available under VMware. Yes Solaris 10 (X86) is feasible under VMware, though it is not too spread yet.

Solaris10 X86 on VMware

(Solaris 10 X86 Running on VMware)

If you desire to Install Solaris 10 (X86) on VMware all you need is:

* VMware (Any Edition)

* 4 images of Solaris 10 (x86) CDs (Total: ~ 1.4 GB)

* ~ 4 hours time (installation)

* ~ 4GB HD space on the host system in a small installation

* Good Unix knowledge

* VMware Virtual Machine settings: 256MB RAM, virtual HD = 8GB, networking = Bridge

That all required,

Sun Solaris 10 Booting Inside Windows Vista on Vmware Workstaion 6 Everything Working Video!

Enjoy the ride,

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