Win Free VMworld Trip with Veeam

I am sharing this news, as I am sure many of you are looking for a free way to get to VMworld, and Veeam is offering a few of you a chance to do that. They are even offering a chance to Win a Google Glass. Sorry Apple, but I would rather the Google Glass on an iPad my self! Below is the details on why Veeam is doing it and on how to register. Good luck!

Veeam is about to get its 100,000th customer and is launching an interactive contest for a chance to win a trip around the world and other prizes (Google Glass, iPad and Microsoft Surface).

To participate, visitors need to register and predict the location of Veeam’s 100,000th customer on the interactive map. The closer you are to the right spot, the better chance you have to win the trip around the world and other prizes.

Veeam currently have a live pre-registration page. The main contest will start next week.

Join in on the fun! I hope many of you will participate and I hope among my readers there will be few winners.

Just for the fun of it, if you have got a chance to choose between any of these gifts, which one will you choose?

a- Free VMworld Trip

b- Google Glass

c- iPad

d- Microsoft Surface


Guess the location here:

For more information:

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