The correct legal way to write about VCE Vblock Infrastructure Platform

During my blogging for the past 3 years, I have never been contacted about using the wrong upper & lower case incorrectly in the product name. Though the VCE VblockTM Infrastructure Platform was the exception. Two days ago, I have put a simple post about VCE Vblock Platform at

I have done a small non intentional repeated mistake at the blog post by using the word vBlock rather than Vblock, which is incorrect. It seems the way most virtualization vendors specially VMware has written their products has got me as Vblock does not follow it. Example: vCenter, vSphere, vCloud, vRanger, … ect all of them had a v in small case where the second letter is what capitalizes. Carrying the same method on vblock it would have been vBlock, but after using that on my post 2 days back & being slapped already by 5 different VCE Employee I have definitely learned that you have to spell it as Vblock with an upper case for the V and lower case for the rest of the letters.

I always thought a trademark is done based on the letters of the word & does not bother about upper and lower case.… Read More