How to force delete a PKS Cluster

There are times when you want to delete a PKS Cluster, but the deletion with the usual cPKS delete-cluster command fails.

pks delete-cluster <PKS Cluster Name>

This is usually due to issues with that cluster either it failed for some reason during deployment or it was alternate into a way that destabilize it. No worry, there is a way to still force delete it and here is what I will focus on in this post. Please note you should always try to delete pks clusters using the pks delete-cluster command first and only resort to BOSH deployment delete when that does not work.

Please note in this post, I am assuming you have already setup the BOSH CLI and ready to use it. If you don’t have that setup already, I would suggest you follow the instructions at the following¬†link.

Get your Bosh Credentials:

1-  Login to PCF OPS Manager Interface

Login to PCF OPS Manager Interface

2- Click on the Installation Dashboard

3- Click on BOSH Director for vSphere

4- Click Credentials tab

5- Click on the “Link to Credentials” link next to Director Credentials

PKS Get Bosh Director Credentials

6- Keep a copy of the Director Password, as you will need it later. It will look something like below:

PKS BOSH Director Password

Force Delete PKS Cluster using Bosh:

1- SSH to your Operations Manager Appliance

2- Run the following Command to login to BOSH

 $ bosh -e pks login

Use the username and Password collected earlier from BOSH Director for vSphere.… Read More