VMware Cloud Director Multi-Cloud Extension Beta is here

Proud to be a part of the team who had worked hard over the past year on getting VMware Cloud Director Multi-Cloud Extension to the beta stage. This unique extension will allow VMware Cloud Director to enter a new era beyond where many saw VMware Cloud Director venturing. Welcome VMware Cloud Director to the Multi-Cloud Space. I am sure many of our Cloud Providers will be excited about this extension.

Some of you have been asking if VMware Cloud Director will be getting multi-cloud capabilities and this extension beta is a part of our efforts on that. While VCD federation with VMware Cloud Director Service (CDS) enable VCD to extend to VMware Cloud on the different Hyperscalers, the VMware Cloud Director Multi-Cloud Extension will allow VCD to provision many compute, networking, and storage services on Native hyperscalers. In our first public beta of the Multi-Cloud extension it will be targeting Amazon AWS & Microsoft Azure where Google Cloud is planned for a later stage.

Imagine being able to provision instances/services to native hyperscalers (AWS/Azure at the time of beta) directly from the same VMware Cloud Director interface just like you would provision a vSphere VM today. This is the goal of this new VCD Multi-Cloud Extension, and it was created to blend with the VMware Cloud Director interface that if you might miss this feature is being delivered by an extension.… Read More