VMworld vExperts Discount is no where!!

I know VMware has never promised vExperts any discounts to VMworld, but I was giving it a thought. How much of a good publicity can vExperts make of the VMworld event. Would not vExperts contribution to the VMware community be worth giving them a discount to VMworld. I mean Microsoft has been giving their MVPs discount to their trainings and events for ever. I believe VMware should step a head and reward its troops outside VMware a discounted tickets to VMworld.

I understand that many vExperts get their ticket paid by the corporate they work for, but that does not seems to be the case for everyone. I have not yet been able to attend any VMworld so far as my current employer did not fund any of it. Although my current employer is great about funding training courses, they have always considered VMworld some kind of knowledge conference and never accepted to fund it.

To make it more fun, the cost of attending VMworld to me & many other vExperts in my case are not only the VMworld tickets but a huge travel expenses. No VMworld have ever been held closer than 5 hours flight from where I am located. That means a very high travel cost has to be added to the VMworld ticket cost. I really believe a discounted tickets for vExperts should be funded from the marketing fund in VMware, as some vExperts have been very successful in marketing VMware products to a limit that no other media was able to achieve.

If you are a vExpert & believe a discounted VMworld ticket is worth it then leave a comment below to get heard. If you are a vendor and ready to sponsor VMworld tickets for vExperts let me know. I think we can arrange a raffle or something between vExperts for the tickets. Maybe a ticket for the vExpert who write the best post about your product!!!


  1. John Troyer might be able get you Press pass to get in, if you ask kindly enough, but you would still need some serious $$$ for the flight ticket, hotel etc….

    Besides that, non US citizens must now travel with biometric passport too to get to US… -:).

    I make the choice to live where I live, and I assume. Without regret… -:)


  2. Hi Vladan,

    Thanks for the great info. I guess I will try your advice and see if I can get one. Though I was hoping to catch VMware Europe this time as that is much closer to me than USA. I believe I can bare to cover the travel cost to Denmark if I got lucky with a VMworld ticket. Further, what is the story of the biometric passport?

    I thought I will still note that your location is still much easier to catch up with most VMworlds comparing to mine. If you look to Europe VMworlds then you are way closer than me. If you get to look at the USA VMworld then you are half way closer than me.

    Thanks Again,

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