VMware vSphere Virtual Machine still show old datastore after storage vMotion

Before I start with the article, I have to point out this is not a VMware bug. Its the VMware admins doing what they are not suppose to do. VMware ESX 3 & VMware ESX 4 Administration Guides mention clearly that you should not VMotion or Storage vMotion a Virtual machine before disconnecting it from CD Media & ISO images that is only available to the first host or Datastore. Actually it will even warn you when you trying to do that.

That has been said, I still have a good number of customers who call me about their Virtual Machine summary still showing that it has a disk on the old datastore after Storage VMotion it to a new datastore. In most cases, it end up that the customer has carried out a Storage VMotion on a virtual machine that is connected to an ISO Image on the old datastore (probably where they have installed the VM from) see the image below.

ISO Image from the original Datastore attached to VM

Luckily the solution is quite easy, all you have to do is just change the Virtual Machine CDRom setting to Client Device & Hit OK as per the image below:

changing Virtual Machine CDRom Settings to client Device

Now you should only see the new Datastore in your Virtual Machine. Although this is an easy solution, many people will miss it. I mean specially when you you are under pressure or have not faced it before.

I hope this tip help someone, & sorry if this tip is too easy for you :). Please leave a comment if it helped.



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  3. Heck, it doesn’t have to be a VMotion of any sort — this can mess you up even with a simple storage migration! Same thing can happen with floppy images as well.

  4. Hi Matt,

    Glad you have found out how to resolve it :). As simple things can be pain some time.


  5. Uhm, I’ve the same problem but my VMs aren’t connetcted to any ISO image on old datastore, and in the settings tab the Vms are all on ‘client device’ selection… any suggestion?

  6. Hi Max,

    Check if your VMs has any USB settings attached to them or any particular hardware device with affinity to a certain host.


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