VMware vExperts 2012 has been announced

At first I wanted to congrats every one who was elected as vExperts for 2012. Second I wanted to celebrate being on the list while being a VMware employee. As many of you know, that earlier years VMware employees could not be chosen as vExperts nonetheless of how much effort they spent in enlightening Virtualization & Cloud Computing. I am glad VMware has changed that and started giving some recognition to employees who take the extra effort to spread the words on blogs, VMware forums, Community, seminars, VMUGs & so on. Further, the election seems to be done separately for employees and non employees to ensure fairness. If you are not sure if you were elected as a vExpert for 2012 then you can have a look at the VMware vExpert 2012 list published at:


By the way, although I am on the list I still have not received any official e-mail from VMware informing me that. This means you might have already been awarded the vExpert title for 2012 and you don’t even know it which again should encourage you to search that list for your name. I did not know that I was on the list or that vExperts 2012 were announced till I received an e-mail from my colleague Hany Micheal this morning congrating me for being on the list. Congrats Hany as you were on the list too. Well deserved!

If you are not on the list yet and you think you should be, your name might be appearing on the next week or so as I understood from reading that post it seems some names are still to be added to the list.

Again congrats vExperts 2012 and lets celebrate the vExperts title! Ah before I conclude I believe we ought a big thank you for both John and Alex for all their hard work in keeping the vExpert program running and giving VMware employees the chance to be a part of it this year.


  1. Take a Big Contrats from me Mr. VExpert. Way to go. God Bless!!

  2. Thanks Qutub

  3. Nicely done Eiad, glad VMware recognizes its employees for going above and beyond.

  4. Thanks Chris, & congrats as well :).

  5. Abdelfettah MEZZIANE says

    Cangrats. Mabrouk Eiad.
    I hope to will be an VCDX soon.


  6. Shafay Latif says

    I got my 2012 vExpert too 🙂

  7. Congrats Shafay!

  8. Thanks Abdelfettah!

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