VMware KB Mobile App for Android & iPhone is VMware November Gift!!

VMware has just releases a new Official VMware KB Mobile App for Android & iPhone to keep VMware customers up to date on new KBs, news & so on all the time.

VMware KB app gives you the ability to:

Below is a great picture of the new Official VMware KB APP for Android & iPhone:

Android & iPhone VMware KB App

The KB App is definitely free of charge & can be found at: Get the VMware KB mobile app now!

you wouldn’t know it by looking at it, but the App is actually not a native app, but rather, implemented in HTML 5 (As BlackBerry moves to support this technology on future devices, we look forward to testing compatibility). This makes it easier to maintain and available to more up and coming platforms. That’s also why you don’t install the iPhone version from the iTunes store; you merely open a URL in your browser, and then install it to your Home screen.

Installation To Your Home Screen Instruction:

1- Open the following link in your iPhone or Android phone: http://wbxapp.com/vmwarekb

2- Press Menu and then tap Bookmarks

3- Tap Add to add the bookmark

4- Adding a shortcut to VMware KB App at your phone:

* Android Phones:

a- Go to your home screen and click on the screen till the Add to Home screen Appear

b- Click Shortcuts

c- Choose Bookmark

d- Choose the earlier created bookmark.

* iPhone:

a- Go to your Boomarks and tap and hold the earlier created bookmark

b- A menu will appear where you can Add shortcut to Home.

I have just installed it on my Nexus one & its quite informative tool, so what are you waiting for. Try it out & post your comments & opinion in the comments area below.

Enjoy VMware November gift!!!


  1. some people reading this may be interested in this app too: Virtual Viewer http://techblog.steffmeister.at/index.php?page=66

  2. Thanks Steff

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